Emfographics (emotion-powered infographics) is the next curve in education and emotional marketing.




Emfographics - emotion-powered infographics instant understanding  

Instant enlightenment

Emotion stimulates the mind 3000 times faster than rational thought

Lasting inspiration

People forget what was said, but they never forget how it made them feel

Invented by Vadim
on 06.29.2012



Vadim Kotelnikov

Emotionless Infographics is good, but not good enough because emotions and the unconscious are far more important than rational thinking in rapid understanding and the decision making process.

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Emfographics makes knowledge hacking,
 education and marketing much faster and
more inspiring, entertaining, and engaging





Our behavior and decisions are based for about 95% on emotional and unconscious processes because emotion stimulates the mind much faster than rational thought.

In addition, emotionally colored information stays in memory much longer.

  Emotional Marketing: Focus on Emotional Drivers of People emfographics




Both professional and amateur actors were engaged by Vadim to produce a rainbow of emfographics slides for his revolutionary life-business synergy e-Coach




Venture Marketer Dennis, Mister Innovation World award winner Tell an Engaging Story Be Charismatic Be Witty Entrepreneurial Vision Passion Venturepreneur Vadim Kotelnikov Smart Venture Marketer, how to market a startup, Vadim Kotelnikov Dennis World Best Innovator emfographics  

Dennis is a professional actor.

He is a junior co-founder of the Planet of Loving Creators and Innompic Games.

He is also the winner of the Mister Innovation World 2020 award.




Kseniya is an amateur actor.

She is a junior co-founder of Innompic Games.

She is also the winner of the Miss Innovation World 2019 and Miss Innovation World 2020 awards.

  Emotional Marketing


Emfographics Actress Julia Sell Benefits Unique Selling Proposition (USP) What Makes People Buy Sales Presentation: Sell Twin Benefits Sales Presentation: How To Make and Sell Benefits General and Specific  

Julia is a professional actress.

Hundreds on Innompians from all over the World participants of World Innompic Games are also featured at many e-coaching emfographic slides.



Innompic Planet of Loving Creators Vadim e-Coach Fast Company Entrerpreneurial Leadership Intrapreneur Entrepreneurial Team Creativity Management Entrepreneurial Organization Inspiring Vision Drive Agility Adapting Structures Encouraging Atmosphere

Entrepreneurial Organization benefits charagteristics leaders structures



KoRe Mini-courses Innopreneur Smart Super-Creativity Super Leader Achiever Vadim author Organization Marketing Business Innovation Startup Value Intelligence How To Get Ahead knowledge hacking KoRe rapid-learning mini-courses Vadim Kotelnikov  

Emforgaphics-rich KoRe mini-courses
are ideal for inspirational rapid self-learning.

They are also excellent for in-company digital libraries