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Love your customers and they will love you back

When you hit the emotions high on the right psychology, people feel genuinely happier and becomes more receptive to your brand

  Emotional Marketing


Statislavski advice

A thought prior to become a thought was a feeling.

Konstantin Stanislavsky



Set Godin advice

Relying too much on proof distracts you from the real mission – which is emotional connection.

Set Godin



Today, you must be closer to and more personal with your targeted audience.

Have your marketing and sales representatives discuss your products and services with consumers because people are more emotionally bonded to a brand when they feel they are listened to by the company.


Examples of Emotional Marketing


Asian Home Gourmet



Marketing Rainbowcourse by VadiK emotional marketing  

New Marketing Rainbow

The role of Emotional Marketing is increasing.

The old way of marketing and advertising to purely sell is no longer as effective. A shift from information age to recommendation age, from conveying information to transferring emotions within a context of delivering information made emotional marketing a key element of customer-winning strategies.





Coaching by Example




Vadim Kotelnikov

The KoRe e-Coach you are reading right now evokes diverse positive emotions in those who have been inspired and inpowered by it

Vadim Kotelnikov, founder of 1000ventures - personal logo VadiK

Inventor Business e-Coach

Author Innoball

Founder Innompic Games icon


Thank You messages from users of KoRe e-Coach emotional marketing  

"Thank you for making a positive difference in my life."
~ Mike Hopley, Canada

"It is boosting my creativity!"
~ Udaysinh Patil, India

"It produces a 'bomb effect'!"
~ Mikael Henzler, Germany




Emfographics logo emotional infographics invented by VadiK


I invented and use Emfographics (emotional infographics) to boost emotion-powered education and marketing within my KoRe e-Coach and elsewhere.

  Emfographics Emotional Infographics invented by VadiK




Focus your emotional-marketing strategy on various emotional drives: what people want to be; what people want to do; and what people want to gain.




Emotional Marketing: Focus on Emotional Drivers of People  

Emotional marketing works faster and better than rational marketing that focuses on product attributes.

Your prospects may forget the specification of your product, but they will never forget how you made them feel.




Today, you must be closer to and more personal with your targeted audience.

Have your marketing and sales representatives discuss your products and services with consumers because people are more emotionally bonded to a brand when they feel they are listened to by the company.


Marketing Law of Heart (Emotion)

Sell Benefits

Buzz Marketing





Estee Lauder advice

If you don't sell, it's not the product that's wrong,
it's you.

Estee Lauder


IDEO Tom Kelley creativity innovation quotes

If you leave out the emotional content, you may have the best specifications in the world but people may not buy your product.

Tom Kelley



Merketing Rainbow cours by VadiK emotional marketing  

Your ad copy must trigger emotions that will inspire your prospects to buy your product. The stronger the emotional reaction, the more likely your prospects will buy. People often buy automatically on impulse when they become emotionally attached to a product.




Selling is a Transfer of Emotions

When you speak, make your listeners sense how strongly you believe in what you're saying. If you want people to give you their undivided attention, they must hear and see in you an unwavering commitment to your message.



Empathetic Marketing

Emotions Determine Everything



Love for customer quotes VadiK, differentiate from compeitors  

Do you want people to relate to your firm as a ‘human being’, not just another company? If yes, then your company must create a character  You should be not just a solution provider, but a friend. Your advertising messages should look towards on how to touch the hearts of the consumers and businesses.




Content Marketing

Use impactful metaphors, images, and videos in your content-marketing creations to inspire desired emotions in your target audience.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

For social media marketing, you must have an engaging short marketing message that contains emotional content and can be repeated over and over.

  Digital Marketing how to create emotional marketing



The New Role of Media and
The New Word of Mouth (WoM)

Today, with different channels speeding up the process, marketing messages travel much faster. So does the word of mouth that used to be the slowest manner to spread a message across.

The way we respond and react to feedbacks from the new media is no longer the same. Modern media engages the audience with the increasing use of emotions. Indirect selling rules. Marketing is increasingly about public relations. If you wish to achieve credibility, have your loyal supporters’ speak up for you and explore new channels to encourage that.


Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Personal and Social Competencies

Colors and Emotions Behind Them






Venture Marketer

An Easy Way to turn Business Rules into an Interesting Story

Winning Customers

Customer Experience






Your growth boosters


Teaching by Example



Discover more inspirations, insights, and highersights in these mini-courses:

Marketing Rainbow

Digital Marketing

Result-oriented Communication

  Digital Marketing how to create emotional marketing







Let your passion show and increase the impact of your message!

Believe in the importance of your subject and
be passionate about it!

People feel compelled to listen to passionate presenters and cannot help but give them their undivided attention.

Passionate Presenter Vadim Kotelnikov




Statislavski advice

In the language of an actor, to know is synonymous with to feel.

Konstantin Stanislavsky



Highlight the Emotional Satisfaction Your Clients Will Get

Sell Benefits Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

Your marketing strategies depend on pleasing other people and solving their problems. No matter what your business is, if you are serving people, you must empathize with them. You need to be able to tap into the emotions that motivate them. Describe emotional gratification do your clients get from your services.

Example: Your clients feel "joy"; a sense of "pride" because they own something remarkable or have improved skills; "confidence" that they will do a great job; "relief" that they will more easily meet some challenging requirement; etc.




Use the Right Colors in Your Promotional Materials

Colors are strong emotional differentiator. According to the University of Loyola, Maryland, color increases brand recognition by a whopping 80%.

In addition, colors generate emotional reactions subconsciously... More



Make Your Customers Laugh

Why would people want buy from you if they don't enjoy doing so? Making what you have to sell fun to buy is simply taking the whole process one step further. "If you can make your customers laugh, and excite them with your vision of what life can be, they are not going to walk into your outlets, but run into them. Running a successful business should be fun for you, and there's every reason why you should be able to communicate that sense of fun to your customers. Certainly, if you aren't having fun, you probably aren't running a successful business," say James Essinger and Helen Wylie, the authors of The Seven Deadly Skills of Competing.
















White Marketing





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Asian Home Gourmet Brand by Cerebos Pacific Ltd.

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Warren Buffett advice quotes

People shouldn't get emotionally involved with their stocks.

Warren Buffet