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Успехов, Вадим! У тебя не может не получиться! Уникальное дело, "примагничивающее" к себе уникальных людей в условиях сегодняшних трендов, это чистая река, река жизни!

Discontent makes you sad / bitter. Gratitude makes you joyful.

Dissatisfaction wakes your motivation up.
Open mind removes barriers to creativity.
Creative dissatisfaction turns you to an innovative entrepreneur.

This is the transcript of an actual radio conversation between a US naval ship and Canadian authorities off the coast of Newfoundland in October 1995. The Radio conversation was released by the Chief of Naval Operations on Oct. 10, 1995.

US Ship: Please divert your course 0.5 degrees to the south to avoid a collision.
CND reply: Recommend you divert your course 15 degrees to the South to avoid a collision.
US Ship: This is the Captain of a US Navy Ship. I say again, divert your course.
CND reply: No. I say again, you divert YOUR course!
CND reply: This is a lighthouse. Your call.

An American battleship ship is traveling at night around Canada when the radio comes on. It says "Canadian Navy to American Battleship, we have detected that you are on a collision course with us. Please alter your course 5 degrees north by north-east to avoid collision, over."
The ship's captain looks at his crewmates, gives them a wink, and picks up the radio. He replies, "American Battleship to Canadian Navy, you are on a collision course with us. Please alter *your* course 5 degrees south by southwest to avoid collision. Over."
The radio comes back on. "Canadian Navy to American Battleship, we can't do that. Please alter your course 5 degrees north by north-east to avoid collision. Over."
The captain takes the radio and, in his best show of authority, says "American Battleship to Canadian Navy. We are the USS Lincoln, one of the largest naval vessels in the entire US navy, and escorted by multiple support ships. If you do not alter your course, we will be forced to defend ourselves to avoid collision. Over."
The radio goes silent for a moment.
Finally, it comes back on. "Canadian Navy to American Battleship. We are a lighthouse. Your call. Over."

How To Set Right Objectives
An objective is a specific step, a milestone, which enables you to accomplish a goal. Strategic planning takes place at the highest levels; other managers are involved with operational planning. The first step in operational planning is defining objectives – the result expected by the end of the budget (or other designated) cycle. The objectives must be: focused on a result, not an activity; consistent; specific; measurable; related to time; attainable.
Setting right objectives is critical for effective performance management. Corporate intents such as higher profits, shareholder value, and customer satisfaction are not objectives because they don't tell managers what to do. Objectives must specify priorities and focus. They must map the journey ahead towards better solutions for the customer and higher profits.
Setting objectives involves a continuous process of research and decision-making. Knowledge of yourself and your unit is a vital starting point in setting objectives.
Assess Yourself
Who am I? What are my strengths? How do I work? Where do I belong? What is my contribution?
Assess Your Unit
What is its role? What are its resources? How does it function? What is my function within it? What are the functions of others?

Working together: challenges and synergy opportunities
Different approaches to life values, principles, truth, goals and success
Different approaches to doing business
Different communication styles
Different attitudes towards conflict and disclosure
Different approaches to performance and completing tasks
Different approaches to taking initiative and risk-taking
Different approaches to leadership
Different decision-making styles
Different approaches towards teamwork
Different approaches to learning and sharing knowledge
Respecting Cultural Differences and Working Together
Anthropologists discovered that, when faced by interaction that we do not understand, people tend to interpret the others involved as "abnormal", "weird" or "wrong". Awareness of cultural differences and recognizing where cultural differences are at work is the first step toward understanding each other, communicating more effectively, building trust across cultural boundaries, and establishing a positive working environment. Use these differences to challenge your own assumptions about the "right" way of doing things and as a chance to learn new ways to solve problems and synergize diversities.




However, there is always scope for innovation and as we walk down the high street we can see imaginative retail approaches to the business of attracting customers. Here a couple of striking recent examples.

IKEA in Australia has experimented with a section called Manland. It is basically a creche for husbands and boyfriends with low retail attention spans. It has table football, video games, sports channels etc. A woman can leave her man there and take a buzzer to collect him when she is at the check-out. It is corny and sexist but it is getting a lot of media coverage.

Create synergistic cross-functional combinations!
The wilder your idea, the lesser competition, the stronger buyers resistance, the greater your victory.

Customer Experience & Innovation Consulting
I'm the Inventor and Founder of:

World's 1st online university for innovative entrepreneirs, startups, innovation leaders, business innovators.
Launched at in 2001. Clients in 130+ countries.

INNOBALL (Innovation Brainball)
Entrepreneurial simulation game that helps strengthen both team and business model of a startup dramatically and quickly.
INNOBALL allows also prospective venture capital investors assess the strength of a startup team quickly.
Launched in 2010. Clients in 40+ countries. Slide enclosed.

Intellectual Olypics for aspiring and existing innovative entrepreneurs.
Help boost anf showcase entrepreneurial inventiveness, strategic smartness, and creative teamwork.
Launched in 2017. Participants from 40+ countries. Target 2025: 1 billion participants.
Virtual Innompic university for disruptive entrepreneurs: Innompirsity

Payer: Rashid Hashmat Al
i; SEO Marketer: Niko Kamryn <>

You have a message from Rashid Hashmat Ali.
Please reply as soon as possible.
The refund request is not fair becasuse the client justifies it by lack of an action by Google that is not is not a part of the contract.
The contact was implemented by us 100%. The sponsored article sent by the client
"Successful Real Estate Project Management"
was published at this URL
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Indexing of new web pages by Google is managed by Google and CANNOT be demanded from anybody else but Google. Google is NOT a part of the contract and thus the demand for refund because Google has not indexed the new page yet is absolutely unfair.

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Google indexing of new pages take from 3 to 40 days usually.

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PS: We are on the market since 2001. It's for the first time that we meet with such and unfair refund demand. Otherwise we have millions of highly satified clients worldwide. Some of their 'Thank-You' notes are published at this page:

Your decision to refund the buyer created a very dangerous precendent.
The buyer complain lookes like:
"We demand refund because the Sun didn't rise at midnight".
The facts are:
Buyer didn't pay in advance, he paid after the job has been done, so he knew what he was paying for.
We completed the job - published the buyer's article according to the industry standards.
The buyer reviewed the job done and made the payment.

Few days later, the buyer demanded refund becasue Google had not indexed his article yet. This is similar to demanding the refund because the Sun didn't rise at midnight s the buyer expected for his own reason.
SEO marketing is a huge $ multi-billion market. Most transactions in market are done through PayPal.
My honoring this unfair refund demand PayPal will cause many publishers to switch to differenet payment system (we'll publish this amazing story at our popular websites and social media in case this refund takes palce).

Thank you for your additional consideration.


Cultural Intelligence A Guide To Working With People From Other Cultures

Manage Your Own Expectations
To achieve more, expect more. In many areas, optimists achieve greater success than pessimists. Optimists and positive thinkers achieve more because they expect more, and as a result work harder and more persistently toward their goals. Whatever you expect with confidence, positive or negative, becomes your reality.
Manage Expectations of Your Partners
Manage expectation of your partners, otherwise their expectations will manage you. Keep your partners informed on your strategies, progress made, obstacles to overcome, and other important things. If you don't manage expectations of your partners, they will create their expectations all by themselves and may impose them upon you.
Project Stakeholder Expectations Management
Project stakeholder expectations management, or a "controlled scope", is a key factor of a successful project. It helps ensure that everyone involved understands exactly what can be accomplished within a given time frame and budget.
Manage Customer Expectations
Customer is anyone who receives that which is offered by the value producer. Customer expectations are continuously increasing. Brand loyalty is a thing of the past. Customers seek out products and value producers that are best able to satisfy their requirements. A product does not need to be rated highest by customers on all dimensions, only on those they think are important.

Smart ones recognize change. Smarter ones anticipate change. Smartest ones create change.

Marketers arouse interest. Sellers facilitate decision and inspire action.
Marketing specialists create a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), but it's sellespersons who can communicate it to prospects in a customized way.
Marketing focuses on creating a powerful emotion-driven first impression. Salespersons strengthen the marketing message by adding listening, empathy, relationship, experience and advise to it.
“Today's selling is SYSTEM SELLING, solution selling, consultative selling; it entails analyzing customer needs, designing alternative solutions, scrutinizing costs, developing and implementing systems, and more. Modern selling is a team sport, and a complex one at that.” ~ Michael Hammer
Sales integration is a process that allows marketing and sales teams to work together to generate awareness for a brand or product to a target audience, to create a better prospect experience, and then to convert prospects into paying customers.
Getting your sales and marketing teams to communicate and share information with one another can help make this process run more smoothly. Additional benefits include alignment of goals, a more collaborative environment, a more logical and better lead generation process, higher clarity, and higher revenue.

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PS: Thank you supplying facts for a new educational business case on 'SEO Marketring: How To Deal With Unfair Demands'.

God is divine, religion is human.
Всевышний - это божественное, религия - человеческое.

Keep learning from your experiences relentlessly. The PAST is the FUTURE – a good future for those who draw good lessons from the past.

The greatest river was once a little spring who kept moving towards the

Создаем более светлое будущего России
5 стратегических перемен, на которые правительству нужно для этого решиться
Стратегическое направление
Прекратить направлять внимание нации в сторону болезненно преувеличенной военной угрозы извне и переориентировать СМИ на стратегическое созидание
Вдохновлящее видение
Создать дерзкое видение более светлого будущего страны, в которое народ бы поверил, и которое вдохновило бы предприимчивых инноваторов на его достижение.
Родинолюбивые законы и мега-проекты
Принимать законы и выделять бюджетные средства на мега-проекты во благо всей страны, а не ради увеличения мошны отдельных зажравшихся паразитов
Родиолюбивая кадровая практика
Дабы дурь видных чиновников не смешила народ, нанимать на выскокие государственные должности не по принципу личной преданности боссу, а по желанию и способности кандидата принести максимальную пользу стране.

Беречь себя нужно не от смерти, а от пустой жизни.
You need to protect yourself not from death, but from an empty life.

На тропе войны... ) волонтёром в госпитале) В параллель с работой на ТВ.

Building Trusting Partnerships with Clients
New and Existing Users / Customers

To exceed client expectations and to build strong, long-lasting, and trusting relationships with your clients, practice these principles every single day:
Love, Care, Empathy, White Marketing, Helper, Loving Relationsips, Solving Problems, Listening, Co-innovating

Cultivate trusting partnerships with your clients to drive your clients’ successes.
Be trustworthy, professional, and caring at all times to be someone people can trust to help them grow their businesses.

An excellent opportunity to join the marketing team in a fast-growing crypto company, the IDO launchpad, "Kickstarter" for blockchain and crypto startups.

We're looking for a proactive social media marketer with a big passion for digital marketing. Age, gender and nationality don't play a role here. Our diverse and open-minded team values passion, execution, proactivity and commitment.

The ideal candidate will be responsible for creating and executing our marketing strategy: set up and execute marketing campaigns, evaluate marketing performance metrics, and collaborate with internal teams.


Define and execute the marketing and communication activities according to our marketing plan
Coordinate all marketing activities to generate leads
Collaborate with other teams to promote Scaleswap in different channels and for different audiences
Launch creative marketing strategies to increase the engagement of our community in Twitter and Telegram
Launch marketing campaigns in organic channels: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, etc.
Track performance of all marketing campaigns


Ability to multi-task
Self-discipline and strong organizational skills
Passion and love for digital marketing

What you can expect:

The excitement from being a part of an amazing international diverse team
Unlimited potential for personal and professional growth
Fair remuneration and bonuses according to KPIs
Outstanding learnings and knowledge base that will be a great asset for your future

How To Realize the Full Potential of Transformational Change

Any transformational change will realize its full potential only if people issues are dealt with from the start and not left until after the transition to the new state has been completed. The following measures will help you to get the people issues right.

Communicate frequently and honestly throughout the whole change project.

Involve people in change management teams or cross-functional groups.

Address personal anxieties by giving honest advice about what is likely to happen in future.

Assure people that their contributions are valued even if new structures or roles are not yet defined and that you will find the right fit for every employee in the new organizational structure.

Give people opportunities to talk about their achievements in the past and a dream job in the new organization.

Ensure that the process of internal selection of the right person for each job is impartial and transparent.

Create benefits packages, such as Quick-Adaptation bonuses, that would motivate employees to embrace change better and faster.

Invite employees to provide feedback on the change process and effectiveness of the new structure. Solicit suggestions for improvement.

In a Canadian first, the Magpie River in Quebec has now been legally declared a person.
Also known as Muteshekau-shipu in the Innu language, the river has been granted legal personhood through resolutions by the Innu Council of Ekuanitshit and the Minganie Regional County Municipality.
Since the river is legally a person, it now has rights and potential legal guardians who would be responsible for ensuring those rights are respected.
This is the first time this has happened in Canada.
It's part of a global movement active in New Zealand, the U.S. and Ecuador that aims to recognize the rights of nature.
According to Alliance Muteshekau-shipu, the protection of the river has been agreed on regionally but not by Hydro-Québec because of its hydroelectric potential.

Art does not enlighten, it is a catalyst that helps a prepared mind to discover enlightenment.

The teaching profession, or those who instruct, coach or mentor have been using 6Ws as a format for creating and delivering both theoretical and practical lessons for many years.
What you are about to learn.
Why you need to know this.
When you can use this.
How you can use this.
Where you can use this.
Who can use this?

Sr. Manager, Experience Design- Remote Eligible
Richfield, MN
$35K - $78K (Glassdoor est.)
Why Work With Us
The Sr. Experience Design Manager will apply their knowledge of experience design to meaningfully create and improve the experiences our field employees have while they serve at Best Buy. By optimizing the employee experience, we empower the employee to respond with confidence and excellence at every step of our customer’s shopping journey. This role is an advocate for employees, a creative problem solver, and a leader who can collaborate across teams and disciplines to influence with and without authority.
The Sr. Manager leads a team of Experience Designers embedded across product teams. This role will work in partnership field employees, product managers, strategists, stakeholders, and business teams across the organization. The Sr. Manager leads and assists in discovering, defining, and delivering experiences for our field, and helping individuals and teams across the enterprise understand and embrace Human-Centered Design. This includes having an understanding of the enterprise customer and employee strategy.


We are launching a new #international network of recoprocal brand ambassadors for startup accelerators and and #innovation leaders today. #Leaders of #startup #accelerators from 4 countries (#USA, #Canada, #Malaysia, #Russia) will play INNOBALL (Innovation Brainball) #simulation #game to #synergize their capabilities, resources, brand appeal and #social #media #marketing stratetigies.


The role of word of mounth (#WOM) form of #marketing and #brend #ambassadors grew exponentially due to rapid growth of social media. Our #Innompic #Planet of #Loving #Creators has enthusiastic brand ambassadors in 20+ countries and grows happily thanks to their passionate WOM marketing activities.


Our international network of resiprocal brand ambassadors will start adding new members shortly.

Discover more in this article:

Brand Ambassadors - role, examples (


As a representative of the Customer Office in the organization, the Sr. Manager, Experience Design will keep their teams accountable to long-term strategy by way of iterative product design.

Key Responsibilities:

Lead, coach, and inspire a team of experience designers in in the three core HCD Competencies: Research, Strategy, & Communication
Oversee the performance, development and growth of individual contributors and inspire them to pursue excellence
Work with team members, peers, and cross-functional product partners to balance workloads across individuals and teams
Build alignment and strong relationshipsI believe that Innompic Games is a historic initiative. We need to do what we can to preserve IG Story for the history and Digital Archaeology. with executives, leaders, and teams across the Experience Team, and Customer Office
Drive the delivery of successful product key results through the most effective outputs (e.g. journey maps, strategic briefs, guiding principles).
Help team members craft compelling stories that carry the experience strategy vision through iterative product design
Set a standard of excellence in team actions, outcomes, and deliverables
Participate in an Experience Design team culture that embodies the Best Buy values by showing respect, humility & integrity, unleashing the power of our people, having fun while being the best, and learning from challenge & change
Advocate for customer and employee needs in every interaction
Design and facilitate internal working sessions & meetings
Minimum Requirements:
2 or more years of experience in a manager role, or 8 or more years in another experience design- or strategy-related role (e.g.,Copywriter, Interaction Designer, Information Architect, Visual Designer, Product Designer, etc.).
Demonstrated experience in envisioning, defining, and modeling end-to-end, multichannel customer experiences
Demonstrated experience in helping individuals and organizations understand and embrace Human-Centered Design
Portfolio of work that demonstrates:
knowledge and skill in experience strategy and design
generating experience insights and/or applying customer insights identified from research and other customer signals from search, digital, and social data

A brand ambassador is a person employed by an organization or company to represent its brand in a positive light, helping to increase brand awareness and sales. The brand ambassador is meant to embody the corporate identity in appearance, demeanor, values and ethics.[1] The key element of brand ambassadors is their ability to use promotional strategies that will strengthen the customer-product-service relationship, influence a large audience to buy and consume more.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing (WOM Marketing)
Social networks have created an effective communication channel for word of mouth message spread. Since the word of mouth phenomenon has a massive impact on opinion leaders' buying decisions and beliefs, marketing sectors of companies try to focus more on effective customers and identify those who are in the center of conversation (Rialti et al., 2017; Pace et al., 2017; Chen et al., 2017). According to a recent study, the word of mouth advertising can affect the product evaluation (Mukherjee and Banerjee, 2017). Another recent research indicates that the word of mouth advertising affects customer loyalty (Rialti et al., 2017); and word of mouth advertising also affects customer behavior


IRBAN helps its members to share great positive experiences of dealing with each other in order to promote outstanding value-creation practices and inspire new partnerships.

Cyberspace has provided new tools for marketers to improve the efficiency of marketing communications and new approaches to acquire and retain customers. Online inter-personal interaction is one of cyberspace aspects. Individual inter-personal influence in online environments affects customer evaluation and decisions about buying a product or brand. Social networks have created effective communication channels for word of mouth spread of message. Word of mouth communication is a way to achieve a competitive advantage. Therefore, the present study aimed to evaluate role of brand ambassador in Electronic Word of Mouth advertising in Instagram and Novin Charm brand. The present study investigated dimensions of brand equity, brand awareness, brand image and Electronic Word of Mouth advertising. Statistical population of research included followers of official page of Novin Charm brand in Instagram social network. Total statistical population was about 50,000 subjects from whom 381 were selected as samples by Morgan table. According to research results, the brand ambassador can affect the electronic word of mouth advertising. This effectiveness can be strengthened through creation of a brand image and increase in the brand awareness.

According to research results, the brand ambassador can affect the electronic word of mouth ... Reciprocal transfer of brand identity and.


Working with Vadim Kotelnikov using INNOBALL simulation game gave "Change 90 Initiative" new perspective and look to Canada Newcomers challenges from different viewpoints.
For 2 days our team of 4 discussed different Anticipated Challenges and came up with 12 Creative Solutions that will help Change 90 founder TEHART Ekasha and Faruq Khalifa to create greater first impression, streamline business strategies and avoid blind spots.
Thanx to Dr. Michael Zelin from Innompics USA and Nasrul Hakim from UniKL, Malaysia for involvement and support.
To conclude, INNOBALL entrepreneurial simulation game is a must for any disruptive startup who wants to achieve greater success and reduce failure risks.

Change Initiative 90 Startup Accelerator (Canada)

IRBAN is about sharing positive experience of dealing with other network members in order to promote great innovative practices and inspire new partnerships.

I wish to share my great positive experience of dealing with Tenzin Rabgay from Bhutan. We have been collaborating since 2017. Tenzin led the international team of MBA students at the 1st World Innompic Games. He demonstrated outstanding altruistic leadership skills and won Mister Innovation World award.

We are in touch since then. Today, Tenzin teaches entrepreneurship and innovation at the Royal University of Bhutan. As a Goodwill Ambassador of Innompic Games (Innossador), Tenzin inspires his students to join the Innompic Planet of Loving Creators and participate in Innompic Games.

Here is another example of IRBAN in action. Kim Peng Foo from Singapore, a Jury member and Innossador of World Innompic Games, wishes to visit Bhutan as soon as the pandemics permits. I put Kim in touch with Tenzin to help him to get the most from his trip to Bhutan. Kim will give a master class on entrepreneurship to Tenzin's students who are looking forward to it.
Do something jointly with Tenzin, and you will be amazed by his altruism, professionalism and agility - the three words he lives by.


Social Media Marketing

2030 Scenario Forecast

Customer Experience Management

Love Story