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1. New Approaches to Innovation in the New Economy

Surprise To Win  See the slide

Generic Components of a Healthy Company

Intellectual Assets – the Major Value Drivers of Business

Revolution in Innovation: Shift to the Systemic Approach

Sustainable Innovation – the Key to Survival and Success

Strategic Innovation: 7 Dimensions

2. Two Routes: Incremental and Radical Innovation

Achieving Top-line Growth and Bottom-line Results

Blue Ocean Strategy vs. Red Ocean Strategy  See the slide

Radical versus Incremental Innovation

Achieving Corporate Growth through Venture Strategies

Success Story: Spinouts of Thermo Electron Corporation

Venture Acquisitions

Best Practices: Venture Acquisitions by Google

Strategic Innovation

Strategic Intent

Best Practices: Assessing Innovation Portfolio by Silicon Valley Firms

Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) Investing Statistics

3. Enterprise-wide Systemic Approach to Innovation

Systemic Approach to Innovation: 7 Interwoven Areas  See the slide

Business Innovation and Growth Strategies

The Tao of Value Innovation  See the slide

Strategic Intent

Best Practices: Dynamic Strategy Formulation by Silicon Valley Firms

Making Strategic Decisions Quickly: 4 Strategies

Technology Innovation: Typology

Technology Innovation: Delphi Scenario Writing Method

Product Innovation: New Product Types

Best Practices: Using Innovation Portfolio by Silicon Valley Companies

Dynamic Innovation Strategy

Customer Partnership: Involving Customers as Co-innovators    

4. Effective Corporate Innovation System

Corporate Innovation System: 5+1 Core Elements

Strategic Alignment

Innovation Strategy: Road-mapping

Innovation Process: Flexible Model

Best Practices: Predictive Innovation Measures Used in Silicon Valley

Best Practices: Assessing Innovation Portfolio by Silicon Valley Firms

Intellectual Property Management (IPM) at the Enterprise Level

Benefits of Intellectual Property Management

5. Innovation-friendly Organization

Strategies for Building a Growth Culture

Best Practices: Silicon Valley Companies – Sharing Gain With Employees

Rewarding Innovative Behavior

The Wheel of Knowledge Management

Entrepreneurial Leadership: Demonstrating Attributes & Delivering Results

 Sample Ten3 SMART Lesson (Slide + Executive Summary)

INNOVATION STRATEGIES and Corporate Growths Strategies: Top-Line Growth (Venture Startegies, Radical Innovation) and Bottom-Line Growth (Incremental Innovation)

Two Components of Sustainable Growth Strategy

Sustainable business growth strategy is a practical approach to achieving top-line growth and bottom-line results. The two main sources of sustainable competitive advantage are:

  • Continuous Improvement Culture: continuous effort to improve organizational climate and productivity of the core business in response to continuous changes in the marketplace.

  • Durable Corporate Venture Strategy: internal investment in innovation and new product/service development, new business creation, and external venture investing in new technologies and emerging markets.

Improvement Strategies versus Venture Strategies

  • Improving Processes: Addressing the ever-changing needs of current customers and keeping cash flow healthy. Cost-cutting efforts can build your bottom line.

  • Radical Innovation: It is radical innovation and new game changing breakthroughs that will launch your company into new markets, make you a market leader, enable rapid growth, and create high return on investment.

Continuous Change as a Norm

Companies, like any living organism, must become learning organizations that change and adapt to suit their changing environment. “If you don't practice the change management that looks after the future, the future will not look after you,” says Bill Gates. "The tendency for successful companies to fail to innovate is just that: a tendency. If you're too focused on your current business, it's hard to look ahead.“

Two Types of Change in the Marketplace

1. Organic, or continuous, change
2. Radical, or discontinuous, change driven by radical innovation

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