AI Generation is an army of people who tend to over-rely on and overuse artificial intelligence (AI).

AI Generation emerged in early 2020s as a result of release of various good-quality content-creation services (text, images, video, audio, etc.) by several AI firms.

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Vadim Kotelnikov (VadiK), founder, Innompic Games speaker trainer

"Artificial Intelligence (AI) is like money
– it is a good servant but a bad master

~ VadiK


Artificial intelligence (AI) empowers its wise users, but AI-generation people overuse it. This is a common phenomenon.

Many enthusiasts overuse a just-emerged trending technology because they are overexcited about it.




Some of AI-generation individuals become AI-addict and minimize using their own – human – brain, soul, and feelings.


Enemies of Good Thinking and Intelligence




Fortunately, most AI-addict manage to recover from this addiction after a while an return to their human life.











AI Writing, Rewriting, Repurposing

Wise AI-powered writers/copywriters use AI-generated text as a raw material.

AI-generation bloggers use AI-generated content as the final product. They outsource everything – writing, rewriting, repurposing – to AI and thus flood the Internet with “artificial flowers”.


Write a Great Story

Laconic Writing

AI-powered Writing


AI-powered Copywriter



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Delegating/Outsourcing Online Dating to AI

Some AI-generation people are using ChatGPT to make their online dating profiles and message with matches.

This is often the case when an AI-Generation person and a SM-Generation person is the same person.




For instance, individuals suffering from writer's block may plug prompts like "I am most interested in", "I love to spend time by/with", or "I get along best with people who“ into ChatGPT and ask for response ideas as a source of inspiration.

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More pragmatic time-managers and AI-addicts delegate initial phases of messaging with new prospects to ChatGPT as well. They use ChatGPT to start a conversation with a match and/or to generate fun or thought-provoking questions for discussion.

Actually, ChatGPT works better the more you work with it and input tailored information.




Existential Risks of AI

"While we should not dismiss these risks lightly, we need to recognize them for what they truly are: a reflection of destructive tendencies of our own human culture. To address these risks, we should not point fingers at "irresponsible" AI scientists, but begin exploring ways to enhance the empathetic and dialogical potential of our civilization." ~ Pavel Luksha



Futures Thinking

AI-transformed Writing and Humanity Forecasts: Most Likely, Pessimistic, and Optimistic Scenarios




AI as a "Thought Leader"

Some social networks try to turn AI into a thought leader. They publish AI-generated articles and invite humans to add their comments to these artificially-generated articles. Some humans see such invitations as a self-marketing opportunity and accept them. Thus the social network makes the artificial intelligence (AI) a thought leader and turns humans into it's followers.




The above example showcases two types of representatives of AI Generation – managers and members of social networks.


Humans and AI: Competitive Advantages




Human Voices of Sense




Vadim Kotelnikov (VadiK) outstanding business trainer and speaker

"Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an all-seeing assistant but a blind leader."

~ VadiK


"Folks need to stop using AI to generate comments for LinkedIn posts. We know when it's AI. It isn't engaging, or useful, or good content. It isn't helping build any semblance of a personal brand. It erodes credibility. Don't try to hack an audience because the hacks make you into a hack."

~ Sarah Stockdale



Vadim Kotelnikov

AI is like money – it is a good servant but a bad master. AI is an all-seeing assistant, but a blind thought leader.

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Artificial Quasi-Intelligence (AqI) vs. Artificial Intelligence (AI)  


Strictly peaking, it’s not AI yet, it’s AqI

"Artificial Intelligence" is currently not intelligence yet, it's quasi-intelligence (AqI), an imitation of intelligence. "Quasi" means apparently but not really; seemingly.