Artificial intelligence (AI) is the quasi-intelligence of computer systems developed by humans as the simulation of human intelligence processes.
Vadim Kotelnikov (VadiK), founder, Innompic Games speaker trainer

"Artificial Intelligence (AI) is like money
it is a good servant but a bad master

~ VadiK






AI-generated To-Do Lists based on the Texts of Songs


I Have a Difference To Make!

The Thrill Is Gone

My Way



Vadim Kotelnikov (VadiK) outstanding business trainer and speaker

"Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an all-seeing assistant but a blind leader."

~ VadiK




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Beware of AI Addiction!

Many AI enthusiasts overuse artificial intelligence and outsources vital parts of their life and business to heartless AI.



Vadim Kotelnikov

AI is like money it is a good servant but a bad master. AI is an all-seeing assistant, but a blind thought leader.

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10 Tips for Updating Threat-Mitigation Systems with AI and Machine Learning