Greatest PowerPoint slides for personal and business teachers, trainers by Vadim Kotelnikov, inspirational e-Coach





Your teachings, experience and philosophy are my guiding light. Your e-Coach is just the best resource for aspiring change leaders.

Anne Wolfaardt, General Manager, iBurst


Of all the websites I have ever seen, the best one is yours.

Atul Padalkar, Owner, Dr Padalkar's Research Resources


I am an entrepreneur and have recently started up my own business.  I have been implementing the principles learned from your Smart & Fast Entrepreneur series of e-coaching modules, and have found them to be revolutionary in my own life.  

Trevor Hartley


Just a quick note to compliment you on an outstanding and informative site. Thoroughly enjoy my navigation.

Georgina Barrick, The Profesional Assignments Group (PAG)


I am presently investigating the establishment of a Technology Transfer Centre for SMEs in South Africa and I am very interested in learning more about Ten3.

It would seem from what I have accessed on your web page that you have carried out extensive research and that you advocate and have implemented Technology Transfer Centres as a means of technology transfer to SMEs.

It would appear that the models that you use and your extensive networks would be well suited to the South African scenario.

Nick Wood, Enterprise Development Centre