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Internet Power

Changing the Fundamental Nature of Competition and Doing Business






Fundamental Management Changes Engendered by the Internet

According to Bill Gates

"The Internet is the Viagra of big business."   Jack Welch


The Tree of Online Success




How To Build a Winner Website

Top 10 Tips

  • High value for visitors: capture their attention, exceed their expectations, leave a positive impact in their mind and turn them into repeat visitors... More

Create Greater Value Online


Virtual Integration

Action Areas

  • Use Internet to transform the processes that link you with your customers, suppliers and other alliances and work intimately with them to reduce distinctions from them. >>>

New Economy

Overcommunication Problem


Best Practices and Success Stories

A Drop that Grew Larger than the Ocean

Succeeding Online

Market Segmentation by e-Coach

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Facebook    10 Success Lessons from Mark Zuckerberg

Fun4Biz – Breakthrough Social Network

Charles Schwab    OneShift

P&G: Using Internet as a Customer Listening Device

Michael Dell    Dell's EON Solution

Apple's New Business Models

New Realities

The Internet changed the fundamental nature of doing business and competition. As new ways of building and delivering products and services online emerge, your competition goes beyond established competitors to include new companies, in addition to new innovations, ideas  or ways of improving existing processes or products.

Benefit from Your Competitors

The wired world is a world in constant flux. Bill Gates, the Founder of Microsoft, describes the new Internet era as an environment of constant change, or "punctuated chaos." >>>

As all financial players are digitally connected, "any downturn or upturn in a major market creates overnight reverberations in other markets... The digital world is both forcing companies to react to change and giving them the tools by which to stay ahead of it".  IT helps you connect your business strategy with organizational response.

Modern IT-powered Value Chain

Without IT there will be no fast response – and no company, as today "it's not the big that eat the small... it's the fast that eat the slow."

Success Stories Best Business Practices Alibaba's Jack Ma

A charismatic leader Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, known as “crazy Jack Ma”, believed that the Internet could be used for business at a time when even the concept was unheard of. Young “crazy Jack Ma” was rejected by several employers in China, including KFC.

In 2009, a self-made man, Ma was named in the Time 100 list of world’s 100 most influential people. He is also the first Chinese entrepreneur to appear on the cover of Forbes... More

Internet-powered Business and Revenue Models

Internet, e-commerce, contextual advertising, social networks, mobile banking and numerous other e-innovations gave rise to new kinds of business models as well as reinvented old tried-and-true models.

Internet Business Models

In the most basic sense, a business model is the method of doing business by which a company can sustain itself – that is, generate revenue. The web changes traditional business models. Internet business models continue to evolve. A firm may combine several different models as part of its overall Internet business strategy. New interesting variations keep emerging. >>>



Online Customer Engagement

Online customer engagement is a new trend. Customer-focused corporate website, discussion forums or blogs, for example, are spaces where people can communicate and socialize in ways that cannot be replicated by any offline interactive medium. >>>