e-Business Planning Process


Value Chain




Visualize the desired big picture − a strategically aligned company where IT supports all business functions synergistically

Evaluate your company's value chain: supply chain, systems, processes, marketing, selling, customer service

Evaluating customer experience, customer value journey and customer relationships holistically

Benchmark your e-business progress against your competition

Define the e-business areas where a competitive advantage can be achieved

Plan for an outstanding performance and the right balance of your e-business systems






Digitalisation and Innovation

IT-Business Alignment

10 Tips

Connected Enterprise





IT Architect

IT architects are in growing demand.  The position of IT architect has become increasingly important to the ever-changing IT industry, and is one that established corporations and start-ups are seeking.

 IT architects help enhance business design and solve business problems. Their communication skills are good enough to coordinate the people who will put their plans into action... More

How to Determine a Software Development Budget?


IT Leader

Traits    Attributes

Vision, Influence, Execution


Business Architect







Business Innovation: The Role of CIO

Today, there is a great need for IT to enable business innovation. An ideal CIO is not only accountable for IT function success and business process transformation, but also adopts a more proactive company-external focus and concentrates on using IT to drive innovation and strategic advantage in pursuit of stretch business goals. To work effectively with the rest of the organization and enable business innovation, CIO needs to develop an environment within the IT function that is conducive to innovation... More


Virtual Integration

3 Action Areas

Internet Marketing


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Social Media








Virtual Integration

Vertical integration performs, virtual integration innovates. Virtual integration is an IT-powered form of value chain management. Under such a system, the links of the value chain are brought together by informal arrangements among suppliers and customers... More


Virtual Integration

3 Action Areas

Extended Enterprise

Guiding Principles