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Why, What, Who, How, Where, When





I use the holistic 6Ws structure in its entirety Why, What, Who, How, Where, When whenever possible.

I both practice and preach the 6Ws model as an effective way to think holistically, to implement change systemically, and to design innovations harmoniously.

Examples include 6Ws of Self-Coaching, 6Ws of Change Management, 6Ws of High-Growth Company, 6Ws of Startup Pitch, 6Ws of Corporate Growth, 6Ws of Innovation Team, 6Ws of Customer Value Management, and 6Ws of Kaizen Wheel.

Sometimes, when I need to focus on some specific Ws, I use shortened forms.

Examples include 3Ws of Holistic Creativity,


The 6Ws structure makes it easier to streamline your both conscious and supraconscious thinking.

  6Ws Self-Coaching Questions: Why, What, Who, How, Where, When






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