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6Ws of the Kaizen Wheel

Holistic approach to your continuous improvement journey

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Kaizen is human-centric continuous improvement journey.

The 6Ws are Why, Who, What, How, Where, and When.




6Ws of the Kaizen Wheel  


Why do you want to improve continuously? Be passionate about what you do and your target audience and strive to create increasingly higher value for your beloved ones whoever they are – family, friends, community, customers, partners, peers, sponsors, investors.





Who do you want to be? Who are your customers? Visualize the ideal self and/or the ideal customer experience and walk backward from there to the current state to define milestones of your intended journey.


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6Ws of Self-Coaching






What strategies and actions will help you turn your dream to reality? See continuous improvement (Kaizen) as a bridge between the present and the desired future state.


Continuous Improvement Firm


PDSA Cycle



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Everything can and should be improved
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How do you need to improve to realize your purpose?

The purpose and the vision of the desired future state align your continuous-improvement actions in that direction.





Where will your interventions create the most positive impact? Guided by your mission and vision of the desired future, use the 80/20 principle to focus your actions on most impactful areas of positive change.


Kaizen and Management

Kaizen Implementation: 7 Conditions





When should you implement the intended changes to achieve the greatest positive impact? Having identified the right place, identify the right time for your intervention. “Right place, right time” is a well-known formula for success. Perfect timing is the difference that makes the difference.






Continuous Improvement







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Kaikaku Kaizen Synergy - radical plus incremental improvements  

"Kaizen" means quite different things in Japan and the West.

In Japan, "kaizen" is a journey that focuses on people – it calls to start any improvement with yourself and then improve everything around you.

In the West, "kaizen" is narrowly focused on improving processes.