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Formal education makes you eligible.
Self-learning makes you unique and desirable.

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Knowledge Hacking as Your Super-Skill

Mastering knowledge hacking will help you boost your A-to-Z/360 super-intelligence, super-smartness, systems thinking and super-creativity.

Every challenge is a knowledge, creativity, and idea management challenge. Knowledge-hacking and rapid-learning skills are sure to help you to enhance your compound your impact.



Knowledge vs. Data

The Wheel of Gaining Knowledge


Types of Intelligence

Holistic Intelligence




You pave the way for faster learning, smarter innovation, and greater performance when you learn knowledge hacking.

Having mastered knowledge hacking, you will be able to boldly jump in and take on big intellectual challenges effectively with confidence, clarity, and speed.

  Knoledge Hacking quotes Vadim Kotelnikov if you stop learning you stop creating histpry and become history



Boosters of Knowledge Hacking




Knowledge Hacking how to engage light-speed subconscious mind  

Internal boosters include curiosity, broad knowledge, systems thinking, and ability to engage intuition and, most importantly, light-speed subconscious thinking.




Externally, online information overload is like gold sand. It is hard to cut through to find small pieces of pure gold produced by wise teachers.

Wise teachers say far more with far less and present complex things in a simple easy-to-understand way.



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Teaching by Example

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SuperCreativity how to develop creativity knowledge hacks Vadim Kotelnikov mini-course  

Inspirational KoRe micro-courses consist of image-centric two-minute knowledge hacks. Knowledge hacks are presented in a mind-opening format, designed to be inspirational and make learning awakening, quick, effective, and joyful. This rapid-learning advantage created great global demand for KoRe courses. Individuals and organizations from 100+ countries buy KoRe courses every year. Licensed teachers from 50+ countries use KoRe two-minute knowledge hacks to teach their students.



Vadim Kotelnikov

Here are sets of inspirational and inpowering two-minute knowledge hacks for you

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KoRe inspirational mini-courses knowledge hacking creativity development





Your inpowering knowledge hacks





Amaing Thinker 360 knowledge hacks rapid learning mini-course by Vadim Kotelnikov

Amazing Thinker 360

Super-Creativity 360/24

Problem Solving: 4 Levels







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Beginnerís Mind is the mindset of a true beginner that inspires curiosity, exploration and learning.

Serendipity is an attitude and aptitude for making unintended discoveries by accident ‒ habitually.