Tacit Knowledge as a source of Sustainable Competitive Advantage





One source of Sustainable Competitive Advantage is to diffuse throughout your company the unique, proprietary knowledge about value creation, innovation, customers, competitors, product development, and advanced ideation techniques that resides in the minds of
your super-employees.


Tacit Knowledge

How To Manage Tacit Knowledge

Organizational Barriers to the Sharing of Tacit Knowledge



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All knowledge isn't the same.

There is explicit knowledge the kind that can be easily written down (for example, patents, formulas, or an engineering schematic).

The explicit knowledge can create competitive advantage, but its shelf-life is increasingly brief, as it can be replicated easily by others.




Tacit knowledge, or implicit knowledge,  underlies many competitive capabilities. The experience, stored as as tacit knowledge, often reaches consciousness in the form of HIGHERsights, insights, intuitions, and flashes of inspiration.

Individual tacit knowledge is not publicly available except as embodied in people

Collective tacit knowledge is woven into the fabric of an organization and is not easily imitated.

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"Tacit knowledge includes relationships, norms, values, and standard operating procedures. Because tacit knowledge is much harder to detail, copy, and distribute, it can be a sustainable source of competitive advantage... What increasingly differentiates success and failure is how well you locate, leverage, and blend available explicit knowledge with internally generated tacit knowledge," says Christopher Meyer, the author of Relentless Growth.


Sustainable Competitive Advantage



Holistic Intelligence

Serendipity  ▪  Trust




Tacit knowledge, as opposite to explicit knowledge, is far less tangible and is deeply embedded into an organization's operating practices and culture.  Inaccessible from explicit expositions, tacit knowledge is protected from competitors unless key individuals are hired away.

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