Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA)

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Sustainable Competitive Advantage

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Sustainable Competitice Advantage (SCA) 5 Criteria  

Sustainable Competitive Advantage is the prolonged benefit of implementing some unique value creating strategy based on unique combination of internal organizational resources and capabilities, value-creating products, technologies, processes, and services that cannot be matched by competitors.





5 Criteria
of Sustainable Competitive Advantage


Difficult to replicate

Superior to competition


Applicable to multiple situations


Benefits of Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Sustainable competitive advantage is the engine of your strategic business success and the focal point of your corporate strategy. It allows the maintenance and improvement of your enterprise's competitive position in the market. Sustainable competitive advantage enables your business to survive against your competition over a long period of time... More

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Winning in Today's Era of Hypercompetition

Hypercompetition is a key feature of the new economy.  New customers want it quicker, cheaper, and they want it their way.

The fundamental quantitative and qualitative shift in competition requires value innovation, competitive differentiation and organizational change on an unprecedented scale. Today, your sustainable competitive advantage should be built upon your core competencies and corporate capabilities, especially distinctive ones, and must constantly be reinvented.


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