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Tacit Knowledge

How to grow, apply, share, and manage this tremendous source of innovation and sustainable competitive advantage


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Explicit Knowledge

Tacit Knowledge

Can be formally articulated or encoded

Difficult to articulate; subconsciously understood and applied

Can be more easily transferred or shared

Usually shared through highly interactive conversation and shared experience

Is abstract and removed from direct experience

Knowledge-in-practice; developed from direct experience and action; highly pragmatic and situation specific




Creating Complex Innovations A-Z/360





The next-to-unlimited capacity of your mind to make sense of your previous collection of experiences and to connect patterns from the past to the present and future is essential to the innovation process.

The SUPERcreativity necessary for complex and/or mega- innovation derives not only from obvious and visible expertise, but primarily from invisible reservoirs of HIGHERsight and  experience.

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Tacit Knowledge as a Source of Competitive Advantage




Bill Gates advice

Often you have to rely on intuition.

Bill Gates



Individual tacit knowledge is not publicly available except as embodied in people

Collective tacit knowledge is woven into the fabric of an organization and is not easily imitated. Tacit knowledge is deeply embedded into an organization's operating practices. Inaccessible from explicit expositions, tacit knowledge is protected from competitors unless key individuals are hired away... More





Application of Tacit Knowledge in Innovation


Innovation Process holistic approach A to Z 360



SuperCreativity and HIGHERsight are products of super-powerful subconscious thinking primarily, but tacit knowledge contributes to these super-capabilities as well.






Problem Finding

Intuitive discovery is often an insight into a different nature of a situation. When you create a radical innovation and need to think outside the box, tacit knowledge can help you reject an "obvious" solution to a challenge and ask wholly different 'Why? What If?' inventive questions.



Awakening Questions

Insightful Questions

Ask Learning SWOT Questions



4 Levels of Problem Solving  rapid learning course by VadiK tacit knowledge  

Problem Solving

Experienced workers can solve a problem more readily as they have in mind a pattern born of tacit knowledge which they can overlay on a particular problem and use to detect a solution.

Creative Problem Solvers with a beginner's mind can find an outside-the-box solution to a problem easier.



A child of five would understand this.

Send someone to fetch a child of five.





Organizational Barriers to the Sharing of Tacit Knowledge

Hierarchies create barriers to knowledge sharing when they implicitly assume that wisdom accrues to those with the most impressive organizational titles... More


Losing Organization

Silo Mentality

Human Barriers to Knowledge Sharing



Robert Kiyosaki quotes

Don’t be addicted to money. Work to learn. Don’t work for money. Work for knowledge.




How To Manage Tacit Knowledge

Three types of tacit knowledge overlapping specific, collective, and guiding need to be managed.

Managing tacit knowledge is a significant challenge in the business world – and it requires more than mere awareness of barriers. Mechanisms by which collective tacit knowledge is created and tapped include brainstorming, gamification, loose-tight leadership, and knowledge communities... More


Knowledge Management vs. Information Management

Divergent and Convergent Thinking Phases

Suspend Judgment






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