①  Formal, structured and quantified model of enterprise
It recognizes that modern business are complex systems, connects a company overarching objectives with its controllable dimensions and enables managers to mobilize a company's resources and
capabilities to ensure that it achieves its paramount goals. It shows managers both what they ought to measure and what they ought to do with the measures.

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②  Process to improve enterprise performance
It contains a deliberate process for using measurement data to improve enterprise performance, a structured and focused program that uses measurement information to identify the causes of inadequate performance and then does something about them.

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"A contemporary approach to measurement recognizes that modern business are complex systems, for which intuition no longer suffices. Today any action that a manager takes can have myriad and unpredictable consequences throughout the organization. Therefore measurement must be based on a careful through-through analysis of the business, one that links the objectives of the business to the things over which managers and front-line personnel have control. Only then can the recognition of a problematic measure lead to the right actions that will correct it and to improved performance of the business a whole,"


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