Classic Manager's Tasks

Employee Empowerment

3 Eternal Tasks of Management

By: Michael Hammer

Michael Hammer

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  1. How can a company devise products and services that satisfy customers, and at the same time deliver them in a profitable way that satisfies shareholders as well as all other stakeholders?

  2. How can a company retain customers in the face of new competitors, and respond to new needs without sacrificing its existing position?

  3. How does a company distinguish itself from other companies with similar offerings and identical goals, and maintain its success as times change?

"Although the problems are eternal, the solutions are not.  Each generation of managers faces a world different from that faced by its predecessors, and so each must find its own direction."


  • Don't delegate in a haphazard fashion  >>>

  • Don't over-exercise your power; don't try to dominate the delegates; be rather a leader than a mentor

  • Don't criticize employees in front of others

  • Don't overreact to problems or mistakes

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Creative Problem Solving

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Decentralization and Delegation

Delegation DOs and DON'Ts

4 Stages To Successful Delegation

Traditional Managerial Tasks

Management by Objectives (MBQ)

3 Parts    Setting Objectives    Examples

Starting with Yourself    Individual Responsibility

Advantages and Disadvantages

Managing for Results  >>  8 Perceptions

New Management Models

Managing Knowledge Workers

Management by Coaching    Coaching

Managing by Wandering Around (MBWA)

Leadership-Management Synergy

Performance Management

Strategic Alignment    Setting Objectives


Energizing Employees

Managing Creativity at Your Workplace

Relentless Growth Attitude

Skill-Will Matrix

Employee Empowerment

Why Employee Empowerment?

Empower Others

10 Steps To Empowerment

Getting Employees Involved: 9 Ways

Freedom to Fail