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Differentiation Strategies

STAND OUT from your competition

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Differentiation is about setting your company, product, or service apart. It distinguishes your brand from all others.





Your differentiation strategy is an integrated set of action designed to produce or deliver goods or services that customers perceive as being different in ways that are important to them.

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Your differentiation calls for you to sell nonstandardized products to customers with unique needs.

This strategy is a synergistic set of actions designed to produce or deliver products that customers perceive as being valuably different.


Examples of Differentiation

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Two Target Audiences of Your Differentiation Strategy

① You and Your Team ② Your Prospects

Both you and your prospects must be clear about how the value you create is remarkably different.





Competitive differentiation – the ways a business differentiates itself from its competition within a highly competitive market – can take many forms.

A famous example is Avis' slogan 'We try harder'.

Outstanding customer service can also be a powerful differentiator.

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"Don't forget that your product or service is not differentiated until the customer understands the difference." ~ Tom Peters






Coaching by Example




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The slogan

'I don't teach, I inspire!'

differentiates my
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Olympic Games were invented in Greece 2,800 years ago when the world was ruled by athletic warriors.

Something has changed since then.

Today's world is driven by creative entrepreneurs.

Innompic Games are new Games for the new world.

  New World New Games Innompic vs Olympic mind vs. body civilizational breakthrough



This is how our two-dimensional social networks – Innompics and Fun4Biz – that help people both grow and socialize are differentiated from traditional social networks that help people socialize only.

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Differentiation as Step 1 in Building Your Brand

Differentiation – distinguishing your brand from all others – is about the life and death of your brand. It is how your brand is born and how it may die if differentiation declines.


Strategic Brand Management


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Vadim Kotelnikov

Just being excellent is not enough. You must also be remarkable and rememberable.

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Create a Niche for Your Business

To compete with other businesses nowadays you need something unique that nobody else can copy. You must create a niche for your business. A niche is something that makes your business and brand different from your competitors and positions them prominently... More




Market Leader


KoRe 10 Tips




Vadim Kotelnikov

Keep learning forward for if you strop learning, you stop creating history and become history.

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Surprise To Win  


2 Basic Ways to Compete and Prosper in Any Market

  1. To have a strong differentiation strategy

  2. To be a low-cost producer

If you aren't different, you must have low prices.
If you have high prices, you must be different!


Your Logo should be:

  1. simple

  2. distinctive

  3. intuitive  >>>

Design Insights

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Coaching by Example

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  1. Differentiate or Die, Jack Trout with Steve Rivkin

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  4.  The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, Al Ries & Jack Trout.

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