Critical thinking is the ability to question, cross-examine and analyze evidence or an argument in order to reach most meaningful conclusions.




Socrates Teachings

The highest form of Human Excellence is to question oneself and others.






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Critical thinking enables you to look at things in your own way, rather than simply accepting what someone else has said.





Benefits of Critical Thinking

ignites curiosity

enhances analytical thinking skills

improves problem-solving skills

promotes better decision making

enhances communication skills

builds self-confidence

enhances learning and self-awareness




Critical thinking enables you to learn things in an active manner and think outside the box.

It helps you comprehend problems well. Once you know the problem well, you can come out with an innovative solution to it easier.





As a critical thinker,

Do not accept every piece of information that comes your way as it is. Rather, apply your brainpower to break the information into various components, examine and conclude whether the facts stated are true or false.

Do not take things at the face value. Rather, challenge assumptions and dig deeper to analyze if things are actually how they appear to be or not.

Do  not behave as a passive recipient of information. Rather, jump into analysis and ask Socratic questions to understand everything in detail.


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Cognitive Dissonance

"The Box"

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