Critical thinking is the ability to cross-examine evidence or an argument and analyze information clearly in order to reach most meaningful conclusions.

Benefits of Critical Thinking:
ignites curiosity
enhances learning
improves problem-solving skills
promotes better decision making
enhances communication skills
enhances self-awareness

"the world of business has become too competitive in nature. Business organizations are now looking for individuals who can bring innovation to their companies. They want people who can think and utilize their knowledge to generate new product ideas, plans for business growth and expansion. This implies that mere rote learning cannot serve students like you. You need to learn to utilize your thinking power for innovative purposes and enhancing your critical thinking skills is the best way to do that."

Critical thinking is all about great decision-making and doing the right things at the right time.
According to Richard Aram, New York University sociology professor, critical thinking is the ability to cross-examine evidence and argument to sift through all the noise. To put his words in simple terms, critical thinking is the ability to analyze information clearly and reach meaningful conclusions. This means that as a critical thinker, you do not accept every piece of information that comes your way as it is. Rather, you apply your brainpower to break the information into various components, examine and conclude whether the facts stated are true or false. This implies that critical thinking enables you to look at things in your own way, rather than simply accepting what someone else has said. Moreover, as a critical thinker, you do not take things at the face value. Rather, you dig deeper to analyze if things are actually how they appear to be at the surface or not.

So, to sum up, critical thinking enables you to learn things in an active manner. You no longer behave as a passive recipient of information. But, you jump into analysis and try to understand everything in detail. This habit of understanding things in detail further helps you comprehend your problems well too. Once you know the problem well, you can easily find an innovative solution to it. This is because as highlighted by Stanley Arnold, Every problem contains within itself the seeds of its own solution. This way, critical thinking broadens your thought process and helps you become individuals who can actually make use of their knowledge for practical purposes.