80/20 Principle

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About the 80/20 Principle





What is the 80/20 Principle?

The 80/20 Principle asserts that there is an inbuilt imbalance between efforts and results, inputs and outputs, and causes and consequences. It states that about 20% of causes, inputs or effort usually lead to about 80% of the result, outputs or rewards.

20% of things are most productive;
80% of things are less productive.




The 80/20 Principle can be applied to any entity and help you become more productive by relocating resources from less effective to more effective uses.


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A Truthful Joke about the 80/20 Rule

You know that 80% of results are achieved by 20% of people, but keep in mind that 80% of people believe that they are those high-performing 20%.


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