Welcome to SRIC-BI's unique evaluation of commercial opportunities arising from technology developments. The Explorer methodology enables us to identify and understand how and why technologies will develop and see commercialization—realistically, without the hype so prevalent in today's technology focused environment.

Using Explorer, you will:

    • Receive global, objective, real-world analysis, not hype
    • Identify new business opportunities
    • Validate internal knowledge and communicate ideas
    • Improve your technology portfolio decisions
    • Achieve and maintain competitive advantage



What is the Explorer Methodology?

Our analysts use a structured series of six Technology Charts to build a Technology Map for each of the Explorer technologies that we monitor. This structured methodology enables our analysts to graphically summarize the six-stage process for determining commercialization.

Technology Charts answer the following questions:

    • What are the building blocks of the technology?
    • What parameters will determine technology commercialization?
    • Which issues are important to evaluate, and what could be their commercial impact?
    • What are the commercial implications of new developments?
    • What are the applications and markets?
    • Who are the key players and what is the structure of the industry.

By identifying where the technology is in the commercialization cycle, companies can adjust their appropriate level of investment. By identifying the leading players, they can create the linkages that allow them to get the best product to market at the appropriate time.



Technology Maps present our current evaluation of how and why companies will commercialize the technology, current and future players in this technology arena, and what the financial opportunities will be. Six Technology Charts graphically summarize the commercialization process. All Maps include the following categories to ensure readers easy access to the specific information they need:

Recent Developments


Importance of the Technology

The Technology in Brief

Commercial Development Parameters

Areas to Monitor


Market Development






Explorer in the Enterprise

Different functional groups and individuals need the same information at different times throughout the development and commercialization cycle of a new technology. Explorers' Technology Charts are uniquely designed to facilitate inter-departmental communications.

Explorer is  used:

In R&D - by the guru/futurist, crystal ball advisor to CEO.

In New Product Design − by new business development managers and decision-makers on mergers and acquisitions.

In Manufacturing − by operations managers and specialists in technology translators to operations.

In Marketing − by information distributors, library and information centers: people who are knowledgeable about current products and who need market information.