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Strategic Innovation  >>  7 Dimensions   vs. Strategy

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Work On Your Business    Right Focus

Strategic Innovation  >>  vs. Strategy    80/20 Principle

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Technology Roadmapping    Technology Intelligence

Spotting Trends    Delphi Scenario Writing

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Technological Vision    Strategic Licensing Out

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Competitive Innovation    Competitive Advantage >> Own It

Differentiation >> 4 Steps

Create a Niche for Your Business

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Value Innovation

Innovation Is Love    Customer-driven Innovation

New Product Development: 10 Best Practices

Create Greater Value Online

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Fast Growing Company    Blue Ocean Strategy

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Technology Commercialization: Venture Options

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Stay Beneath the Radar    Business Games

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Investing in Startups >> Benefits >> Criteria

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Corporate Innovation System

Innovation Leaders    Strategic Alignment

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Cross-functional Teams    Freedom To Fail

Radical Project Management (RPM)

Fuzzy Front End    7 Challenges    Fuzzy Logic

10 Commandments of Innovation

Venture Management Laws    5 Success Factors

Specific Skills of a Radical Project Leader

Improvisation-driven RPM    Guiding Structure

Jazz of Innovation >> Yin-Yang >> 11 Tips

Loose-Tight Leadership

Beta-Testing    Learning SWOT Questions

Fast Idea Evaluation

Weighted Criteria    4x2 Perceptual Positions

Innompic Games

KoRe 10 Tools for Strategy Development

Fun4Biz Innovative Business Model

Be Different

Creating Customer Value    Customer Care

Radical Innovation    Beta Testing

Making the Workplace Fun >> IDEO

Synergize Diversities    Diversification

Succeeding Online

Buzz Marketing

EU's Innovation Management Techniques (IMTs)

GE Digital X-Ray Project

Corning's In-company Ventures

Thermo Electron's Spin-Outs

Silicon Valley Firms >> Innovation Portfolio

Value Innovation

Steve Jobs Turns Apple Back To Profitability

Goolge's 9 Notions of Innovation >> 10 Lessons

Charles Schwab >> Guiding Principles

Amazon >> 10 Success Lessons


Cross-functional Innovation Teams

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