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Making Conscious Assumptions

A Key Tool of a Creative Thinker


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Challenge Assumptions

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  • Strive to see what others overlooked. Think black and white ‒ turn your multicolored perceptions off for a while and see everything around you in pure black and white colors to identify the things that need to be changed radically... More

Making conscious assumptions is a key tool of a creative thinker. "No great discovery is made without a bold guess," said Isaac Newton.

Assumptive thinking is not the same as guessing though. Making an assumption is more like using a tentative step.

  4 WHYs of True Success

Assume that you are in a completely new situation. What would things look like to you?

Assume that you did something in a different way. How would it work? What would the consequences be?

Work Smart and Hard

Business e-Coach Simulation Games "InnoBall" and "InnoChess"

Innovation Football (Innoball) and Innovation Chess (Innochess) are breakthrough business games that help disruptive innopreneurs achieve great success in the real world. These simulation games develop as a sequence of assumed moves by innovators and their opponents. They help you to:

Success Stories Best Business Practices Albert Einstein's Method

Albert Einstein is famous for making assumptions and thinking out their implications. Having assumed that he was riding on the back of a sunbeam, travelling through the universe with the speed of light, Einstein tried to imagine how things would look to him. The eventual result  was the General Theory of Relativity. "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited," advised Albert Einstein. "We don't need to think more, we need to think differently."



Step Out of Your Shoes

Change hats and your thinking mode. Stepping out of your everyday shoes and into the shoes of others may help you surface new insights to a problem... More