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Strategic Win-Win Negotiations

Win-Win Mindset, Strategies, Guidelines

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Love to think win-win and build trust. No lasting win-win situation can be achieved without trust.

  Strategic Win-Win Negotiations how to negotiate tips, best advice


Negotiation is dance Wini-Win solution Vadim Kotelnikov quotes  

Adopt Win-Win mindset as your life and business philosophy and make Win-Win thinking a habit.

Have an obligation to help your counterparts in negotiations come out winners if you want to achieve a wise agreement and build strong, durable, win-win relationships.




Focus on long-term mutual gain and be ready to make sort-term tactical changes in your plan if they help to achieve strategic success.

Apply the 80/20 Principle to your strategic thinking: to satisfy conflicting interests, find a solution where the both sides could win 80 points by losing just 20 points.

  Strategic Negotiaion: alignment, win-win mindset, flexibility




Mutual Strategic Win-Win Mindset

Agree on a common desire to achieve mutual benefit and maintain good long-term relationship.


See the Full Picture

Separate the People from the Problem




Prepare to win-win wisely and to achieve a great win-win outcome.

Play a strategic simulation game, such as Innovation Brainball (InnoBall) , to anticipate conflicting strategic intentions and invent outside-the-box solutions that result in long-term rewarded collaboration.

  Strategic Win-Win Negotiations: strategies and tactics




Harmonize Pull and Push Tactics

Wise balanced Yin-Yang approach to negotiations harmonizes 'pull' and 'push' tactics. While being strategically focused on the desired outcome, be tactically flexible, like river water or plant shoots, in your approaches to selecting or inventing the routes towards the desired results.


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TALE of Persuasion



Learn flexibility from water Vadim Kotelnikov achievement quotes  

When you face a major road block during negotiations, ask learning SWOT questions jointly to identify strong and weak points of the current situation, threats of not finding a good solution, and opportunities the both sides could pursue to achieve strategic success.



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