"In the factory we make cosmetics; in the drugstore we sell hope." Charles Revson


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Love breeds love

love your customers

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With customer care at heart, Ten3 Business e-Coach inspires its visitors and serves as a catalyst of their achievement-oriented emotional drivers.  Below are some unsolicited "Thank You!" notes:

  • "Thank you for making a positive difference in my life." Mike Hopley, Canada

  • "It is boosting my creativity!" Udaysinh Patil, India  ... More

  • "It produces a 'bomb effect'!" Mikael Henzler, Germany


Case Studies DuPont

A US-based multicultural team at DuPont gained around US$45 million in new business by changing the way decorating materials are developed and marketed. The changes included new colors that team members new, from their experience within other cultures, would appeal unconsciously more to their overseas customers.

Case Studies Asian Home Gourmet

To stand out from the crowd and survive in Asia, let alone globally, the brand has to somehow convince the consumer that it is different and better. The answer lies in an insight used to express Asian values, relative to food, to build the brand personality, instead of a traditional approach to positioning Asian foods.

Most people love food but for Asian people, the link between food and family values is especially strong. Cooking food in Asia is not just an act, but a way of expressing emotion. Like all human beings, Asian people are emotional, but it is not the Asian way to outwardly express these emotions... More

Emfographics Emfographics

Emfographics (emotional infographics) was invented to boost emotion-powered education and marketing...

Business e-Coach eRaritet

eRaritet is a Cimcoin-powered technology enabling authentication or rare digital images, both artistic and non-artistic.  eRaritet creates a new market of digital raritets ‒ various images such as photos, drawings, designs, collages, certificates, etc. Its emotional marketing strategy focuses on various emotional drives: what people want to be; what people want to do; and what people want to gain.

Emotional Marketing: Focus on Emotional Drivers of People - best practice eRaritet

e-Raritet creates also emotional buzz by organizing innovative artistic contests and auctions of eRaritets... More



Case Studies Samsung

When Samsung Chairman Kun-Hee Lee found the company's products gathering dust on store shelves, he made it his company's priority to create stylish, premium electronic products that sparked customers' emotions with elegant, human-centered design.



Customer Success 360

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Knowing Customers

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Subconscious vs. Conscious  >>  Top 10 Subconscious Values

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Marketing Strategies

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Differentiation Strategy

Differentiating Ideas  >>  4 Steps

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Differentiating With Different Types of People


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Sales Success

Surprise To Win    10 Key Skills of a Successful Salesperson

People Skills

Emotional Intelligence    Emotions Determine Everything

Cultural Intelligence

Cross-Cultural Communication    Cultural Differences


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