Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Specific Tasks of a Corporate Leader





Creating Business Synergies

Synergizing corporate strategies, corporate resources and capabilities; filling white spaces and exploiting linkages among business units.

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Master of Business Synergies (MBS)




Corporate Team

Looking after the health of the leadership team and leadership development; ensuring that the best people are recruited, developed, motivated, and deployed so that the business can thrive.


3 Eternal Tasks of a Business Leader

New Roles of a Corporate Leader

How To Select a New CEO




Corporate Governance

Building top management team and corporate culture, developing and maintaining high corporate moral standards in all dealings, delivering superior value to owners and stakeholders.




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See farther by standing on the shoulders of giants


On the soulders of giants


Konosuke Matsushita advice quotes

Management is perpetual creation.

Konosuke Matsushita



Sam Walton's rules for buiding a great business

Boost the self-esteem of your personnel. If people believe in themselves, itís amazing what they can accomplish.

Sam Walton


Sam Walton: 10 Rules for Building a Successful Business Value Innovation Be Different Setting Goals Motivating People Motivating and Communicating Attitude Motivation Crosspollination of Ideas New People Partnership Ten3 Business e-Coach: global success Burning Desire Committment Quotes Stand Out from Your Competitors Rules 1 to 5 Rules 6 to 10 Sam Walton's 10 Rules for Business Success Sam Walton: 10 Rules for Building a Successful Business  

"Sam Walton credited the rapid growth of Walmart not just to the low costs that attracted his customers, but also to his associates. He relied on them to give customers the great shopping experience that would keep them coming back."

~ Walmart: Our History



Jack Welch advice business quotes

My main job was developing talent. I was a gardener providing water and other nourishment to our top 750 people.

Jack Welch


Steve Jobs advice quotes

My job is to not be easy on people. My job is to make them better.

Steve Jobs



Jack Ma quotes

I'm not a tech guy. I'm looking at the technology with the eyes of my customers, normal people's eyes.

Jack Ma



Max DePree quotes

Knowing how to lead and work with creative people requires knowledge and action that often goes against the typical organizational structure.

De Pree