All Vital Things You Need to Know Before Studying for
Microsoft 70-764 Test with Exam Dumps







Are you taking a step towards an IT certification for the first time? Or moving on to the next round? In any of these cases, you need to know the details of the exam that you should pass. And the Microsoft tests are no exception. Despite the fact that Microsoft 70-764 is an entry-level exam, you should not neglect the preparation process for it. And first of all, you need to get acquainted with the information about the certificate you can get, the structure you can come across, exam objectives, the price, requirements, and other important details that will form the process of your future preparation.

Be sure that we will answer all your questions about Microsoft 70 764, which is also known as Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure. So, letís do this one step at a time and cover all the necessary information by starting with the credential that offers this exam as one of its prerequisites.




Connection between Microsoft 70-764 and Microsoft MCSA

As you may know, the MCSA certificates belong to the Associate level. They are ideal for those individuals who have basic knowledge in the IT sphere or who just get started. Most of the time, you need to pass from two to three exams in order to obtain one of these certifications. Thus, in the case with Microsoft 70-764, it is one of two tests for the MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Administration credential.

The 70-764 exam is designed to expand your knowledge as well as enhance your expertise in SQL Server technologies. This certification test covers Cloud-based & on-premises databases and focuses on skills in administering a SQL Database infrastructure. It is ideal for the specialists in the field of IT who also have experience in managing databases. This means that you must be capable of shielding these databases from access that is unapproved. Although, the exam is open to all those individuals who intend to become the professionals in this sector.




Format and structure of Microsoft 70-764

The exact number of questions is the most burning topic among all the applicants when it comes to the format and structure of Microsoft 70-764. Due to the policy of this vendor, it is a changeable paradigm, and you may face with a different number of questions than other candidates. According to the official website, the 70 764 certification exam may include about 40-60 questions, which are prepared in various formats. They are case study, hot area, mark review, short answer, drag and drop, active screen, as well as multiple choice. Moreover, you need to know that you will be given 120 minutes to complete this test. To pass it, you are required to score 700 points out of 1000.

Content to master in Microsoft 70-764

However, before you roll up your sleeves to prepare for Microsoft 70-764, make sure you comprehend the exam objectives. You need to know that this test assesses the proficiency of a candidate to carry out different technical tasks, such as:

▪ Handling backup as well as database restoration;

▪ Auditing plus configuring data access;

▪ Managing while monitoring SQL Server instances;

▪ Dealing efficiently with high availability as well as disaster recovery.

To ace all the required objectives, you need to prepare with great deliberation and use reliable study materials. But it can be tiresome to search for the right resources on dozens of websites. That is why we will give you some recommendations about one of the best preparation tools that you can use to enhance your knowledge base.




Top preparation resources for Microsoft 70-764

We offer you the following three types of resources that will help you during your prep phase:

1. Microsoft Study Guide: The manual for this test is available right on the Microsoft website and it is an extremely helpful tool to prepare yourself for acing this certification exam. The tutorial will offer you the in-depth coverage of the content.

Moreover, it is also going to provide comprehensive ideas for all the potential topics. Indeed, study guides are the best materials to use with other useful resources.

2. Microsoft Training Course: To help you with your preparation process, Microsoft also offers different training courses. They will help you enhance your skills and knowledge regarding the SQL database. This preparation option is flexible to different schedules, so if you have busy days, donít worry, Microsoft has got your back. For instance, there is the official course,20764: Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure, which is a five-day instructor-led training. It is ideal for those students who are accountable for managing and administering the SQL Server database.

3. Exam-labs Exam Dumps: This is another valuable resource to prepare for the Microsoft 70-764 test as it offers various questions and answers to increase your learning experience. Thus, you can visit the Exam-labs website to get updated questions and answers to help you comprehend the format beforehand. These brain dumps are verified by the IT experts so that you can be sure that all of them are updated, relevant, and include all the recent changes that might take place.




Career prospects after passing Microsoft 70-764

If you manage to pass this test, you are most likely to get an entry-level job. This will enable you to execute your current expertise as well as familiarize yourself with a Could-based solution. Microsoft 70-764 will help you get a role of a database administrator or an infrastructure expert. Hence, your career prospects are likely to get more thrilling as it will help you get closer to your goal of earning the MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Administration credential.

Moreover, once you obtain MCSA, you will have the opportunity to pursue more advanced certificates of this vendor such as MCSE: Data Management and Analytics. This next level will give you a chance to work in rewarding positions, such asa database analyst, a database designer, or a business intelligence analyst.





In conclusion, we want to tell you that once you have decided to take the Microsoft 70-764 exam, you need to know that the process of preparation is not only about studying. Taking the right approach is also an important aspect. With the right prep resources, hard work, and determination, there is no way you are going to fail this or any other certification test.