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Design an Effective Business Model for Your Startup Venture

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Seeing the big picture or the full picture of a complex system is often challenging, but holistic metaphors, like 'The Tree' or 'The Jazz' can inspire instant understanding.





Start with visualizing the full picture of the desired business design of your startup. To imagine the big picture easier, you may wish to use any Innompic holistic business model Fruit Tree, Football, Kite, Musical, Wood Screw, Pisa Tower or design your own one.

  Startup Business Model holistic Tree of Entrepreneurial Success



Having visualized your desired business model, design an implementation journey towards it.





Brainstill to visualize the desired business model;

Brainstorm to generate strategic implementation ideas;

Brainstill to visualize the resulting business model and compare it with the desired one.

Re-brainstorm strategic ideas if you are not satisfied with the resulting future state.

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Questions To Answer

After having defined the venture financing stages for your startup company You can compare various business models through financial modeling to answer the following questions:

Which venture concept produces the the fastest  and greatest capitalization, most sales, the best margins, the highest net profit and the lowest breakeven?

Can you reduce marketing costs by designing and implementing customer retention scheme, such as a subscription business model?

Which model requires the least investment by entrepreneur and others?

Which concept requires equity as opposed to debt financing? You must know investment selection criteria of business angles and venture capital firms.

Which produces the highest "return on investment" and the best liquidity?

Which model requires the entrepreneur to give up the least equity?

Identify and quantify the risks involved with execution of each model.




Keys to a Successful Startup




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Venture planning includes development of a startup's business design and as  the main part of it an effective business model.

Venture planning includes also development of a means of comparing various business models.




InnoBall (Innovation Brainball) entrepreneurial simulation game will help you strengthen your business model dramatically far beyond your initial aspirations

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