By Bruce A.Pasternack and Albert. J. Viscio, the authors of  The Centerless Corporation


  1. The tangible output of knowledge work is explicit knowledge, but the creative process is largely tacit.

  2. Explicit knowledge is increasingly quick and easy to distribute globally.  >>>

  3. When it is embedded in products and services, explicit knowledge dramatically lowers the cost of the basic infrastructure required to be competitive Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book >>>

  4. All knowledge creates new knowledge and, thus, grows through use, while physical assets are depleted by use.

  5. The explosion of knowledge growth, combined with its rapid distribution, makes it difficult to stay on top of the available knowledge in any industry. Thus, a global knowledge economy rewards not only creators Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book of new knowledge but also those who can identify and integrate knowledge effectively.  >>>


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