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Love Quotient (LQ) is your ability to understand, nurture and express love


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Happy business is a harmonious love-driven business that makes and keeps all stakeholders happy.

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In a high LQ culture all-inclusive love permeates everything: attitudes, relationships, behaviors. A high LQ culture inspires creativity and empowers disruptive strategies. In an organization that established a high LQ culture people have a shared vision, values and a purpose they believe in.

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In a high LQ culture people resist to change much less. The love that is present in a high LQ culture bridges the gap between uncertainty and trust.

Employees who feel loved, trusted and empowered buy into change even if it looks unsure. They experiment with new approaches passionately, learn from feedback and adapt their change efforts in an intrapreneurial fashion.

People who have a high LQ, even if they miss clarity, can still make conscious decisions and continue to take steps to move towards a shared vision.


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Life-Work Synergy

Employees who feel valued and loved in their organization donít have to search a life-work balance because they enjoy life-work synergy instead. Your home is where your heart lives. If you love your work environment, you feel at home there. Employees with high love quotient nourish a deep sense of self-love and self-confidence which makes them more willing to be entrepreneurial and to open themselves up to the unlimited possibilities which could arise in a rapidly changing business environment and marketplace.


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