Vadim Kotelnikov innovation quotes: Managers succeed by following the rules. Innovators succeed by breaking the rules.


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Stand Out from the Competition Stand Out from the Competition Be the Best Possible The Law of Leadership Vadim Kotelnikov Disruptive Innopreneur Be Remarkable Stand Out from the Competition - how to 3 stratgeies best first remarkable, Vadim Kotelnikov

Be the First

Victory in the marketplace comes from your ability to surprise customers and competitors. To be the first is more beneficial than it is to be better. Yes, quality is a must, but you need to produce top quality at lightning speed. 

Invent and introduce new products Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book faster that the competition. If you are the first, you get an edge over the competition because it's much easier to get into the mind of consumers and win a mindshare if you open a new door to a better life.

Being first comes from breaking rules and being fast. To be the first in a product or service category, create a new category and open a new range of opportunities. In your initial marketing Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book campaign, focus on the enthusiasts who are interested in what is new – the early adopters and the pragmatists will follow.  >>>

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Be the Best

Introduce both breakthrough and incremental value Innovations Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book relentlessly.

Don’t limit your efforts to meeting existing customer needs – create new needs and provide amazing solutions. Follow radical innovations and big improvements with continuous improvement activities to keep the completion at bay.  >>> 

Love-driven outstanding customer service is also a powerful differentiator and a source of your competitive advantage Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book >>>

Be Remarkable

In today's overcrowded market, being just excellent is not enough. You must also be remarkable and rememberable.

Differentiate your brand and products prominently in the mind of consumers and market yourself creatively to keep amazing them.  >>> 

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