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How to raise corporate intellectual capital

Vadim Kotelnikov

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Inspiring Environment

Establishing an atmosphere that promotes passionate ideation, knowledge sharing and intellectual teamwork. Build a high love quotient (LQ) team culture that inspires creativity and cross-pollination of ideas. Know specific traits of knowledge workers and create knowledge communities that eliminate barriers to knowledge sharing.

Provide strategic alignment and strategic motivation. Create an inspiring shared vision and articulate the priorities for ideation and knowledge sharing. Set stretch goals to excite employees and boost their creativity.

Motivate people to generate and share knowledge. Reward thought leaders and all those who contribute most to the corporate intellectual capital (IQ) as well as those facilitate ideation, team creativity, intellectual teamwork and knowledge sharing.




Empowering Tools

There are many effective knowledge and idea management tools.

Corporate guiding principles help streamline generation and assessment of strategic ideas. Digital tools, such as intranet, make sharing of knowledge and suggestions for improvement more effective.

Entrepreneurial simulation games, such as Innoball INNOBALL (Innovation Brainball) enhance intellectual teamwork and help player develop various intrapreneurial thinking skills, such as anticipation of challenges ahead , creative problem solving and turning challenges to opportunities. Fast idea assessment techniques make selection of the most promising ideas easy. Intellectual simulation games make also idea generation, knowledge sharing and intellectual teamwork fun