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Empathy definition how to emathize  

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

It is the ability to identify and understand anotherís situation, feelings, perceptions, concerns, needs and motives.

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Benefits of Being Empathetic

Empathy gives us insights into what others may be feeling or thinking

Empathy helps us understand how or why others are reacting to situations

Empathy allows us to create bonds of trust

Empathy sharpens our interpersonal intelligence

Empathy helps understand other peopleís perceptions and create greater value for them

Empathy helps anticipate various forms of resistance to change and handle them gently and effectively

Empathy inspires mutual learning and mutual creativity

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To build wonderful relationships, be a shawl of empathy, a shower of joy, and a well of inspiration.  >>>

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How To Develop Empathy

To become empathetic and perceptive, silence your ego and practice compassion, practice putting yourself in the other personís shoes, practice seeing things through someone elseís eyes Ė until it becomes a habit.

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Some Applications of Empathetic Insights

Build more harmonious relationships in life and business by putting yourself in the other personís shoes to understand his or her feelings and motives.

Empathize with your customers to create greater value for them and improve customer experience.

Empathy is the first phase of design thinking Ė this is where you resonate with the users and create empathetic insights.

The ability to read the mood of a meeting or a discussion helps improve creativity in groups and intellectual teamwork.



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If you really want to understand someone, free yourself from your ego and become the person you want to understand.

If you want your message to hit the target, make the right adjustment to the wind.

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Empathy means challenging your preconceived ideas and setting aside your sense of what you think is true in order to learn what actually is true that people arenít conscious of.

Tom Kelley



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Soft skills make you desirable.

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