Trust Between Organizations Defined

Mutual trust is a shared belief that you can depend on each other to achieve a common purpose.


8 Conditions for Trust

Trust but Verify




Key Benefits of Trusting Business Partnerships

① Confidence

Strategic Alignment

③ Predictability

④ Synergy

⑤ Mutual Creativity

⑥ Improved Performance





Trust creates confidence between partners that actions taken will serve both parties' interests.


3Ss of Winning in Business




Strategic Alignment

Trust creates the probability that a firm will understand it's partner's actual strategic intent as it participate in alliance.


Strategic Alignment

4Ps of a Successful Partnership




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Smart & Fast

Strategic Management







Once strategic intents are aligned, it is easier for a firm to predict the actions its partner will take as it encounters different situations requiring decisions to be made that will affect the alliance.





The companies or teams within a company - can share their know-how to achieve synergy results that exceed the sum or the parts.


Master of Business Synergies (MBS)

Synergistic Partnerships





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Business Success 360






Mutual Creativity

Trust frees partners to respond together to the unexpected, which is essential for mutual creativity.


Mutual Creativity

Team Creativity






Improved Performance

Trust a source of competitive advantage. Trust fosters enthusiasm, ensuring the best performance from everyone. Fewer resources to monitor and control the alliance  are allocated because the both parties are known to be trustworthy.




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