Shared vision and mission

Clear and common goals based on mutual benefit and  understanding of individual goals and motivation

Synergy ‒ the value added or the total is greater than the sum of its individual parts.  >>>




Clarity of roles and responsibilities

Trust between organizations  >>>

Understanding perceptions,  the corporate culture, corporate capabilities, strengths, capacities, constraints and resource needs of all the partners.


Trusting Business Partnerships

Key Benefits

8 Conditions

Trust but Verify






Results-based intermediary leadership

Consulting stakeholders; managing expectations; handling disagreements early

Managing cultural differences, leveraging and synergizing diversities  >>>

Regular, open, transparent communication

Accountable structures for joint problem solving, decision making and conflict resolution.




All jobs are defined; accountability is assigned and acknowledged

Evaluating and celebrating success

Continuous learning and adaptation








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Your business site is overwhelming! I reside in Philadelphia, USA. I am a project management specialist working to build a consulting career in managing joint ventures in Africa.

Robinson Akiri