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10 Key Features of Effective Partnerships


The value added or the total is greater than the sum of its individual parts.... More

Kore 10 Tips for Serendipity

  • In partnership negotiations,  expect to discover unexpected advantages or benefits incurred due to positive synergy effects of the alliance

  • Have your mind prepared for new insights. Expect to make an accidental discovery any moment... More

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4Ps of a Successful Partnership

Purpose    Perceptions    Process    Progress  >>>

Fast Growing Companies

Forming a Successful Joint Venture

Business Partnerships

Synergy is the power behind effective business partnerships. In a business partnership, two parties leverage their assets (resources, core competencies, capabilities, expertise, client base etc.) for the mutual benefit of both.

The 80/20 Principle asserts that 80% of results come from 20% of effort. Focus your firm's resources on what you do best and what creates sustainable competitive advantage and tap to the resources of others for the rest.

Trust between organizations is at the core of today's complex and rapidly changing knowledge economy. It is one of the most efficient mechanisms for governing innovative and effective business partnerships. With trust as a foundation, the companies can share their know-how to achieve synergy.

Mutual creativity is a shared mindset. In an opportunity-maximizing strategic alliance, continued joint creativity leads to regular improvement, outperforming what any single change can do.  >>>



Customer Partnership

Customer partnership is more than "putting customers first", or finding mutually satisfactory solutions to shared problems, or a dedication to excellence in every sale or service encounter. It also requires commitment to forging long-term relationships that create synergies of knowledge, security, and adaptability for both parties.  >>>

Co-innovation with customers and suppliers helps companies become much more creative and flexible in their dealings with customers to give them exactly what they want faster >>>

Customer-intimate companies are in the business of creating new value for their customer. They discover unsuspected problems, detect unrealized potential, and create a dynamic synergy with customers.  >>>

Employee Partnership

Treat your employees as partners. Inspire and energize them,  create synergistic teams and facilitate synergistic collaboration. People partnership fulfills the business need to motivate employees to work jointly towards stretch goals and continually improve performance.