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Top Business Opportunities:
Small Up-front Capital & Steady Income

The very heart of capitalism is the small business owner. The entrepreneurial vision and dream of owning a business is what has made America great.

Although the challenges are many, the rewards of business ownership are even more. And that is why, each year, millions of Americans start up new companies. Let’s examine a few of the top business opportunities that require small up-front capital and at the same time offer the possibility of steady income.



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Freelance Writing

The birth and growth of the internet age has transformed the freelance writing industry. Until recently, freelance writing was mostly relegated to novelists, reporters and marketers, but today opportunities are much more widespread due to the countless number of websites that exist. The growth potential in this industry is staggering. Demand for freelance writing will grow concurrently with the internet, and we are truly still in the beginning years of the internet age.  >>>


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Medical Transcription

Medical transcription is another home-based business venture that has gained traction in recent years. Initial start-up generally requires some basic educational courses, but usually those requirements can be achieved in 6 months to 1 year. Also, most educational programs also help introduce students to potential clients and help in the initial stages of setting up the business. 


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Specialized Coaching/Consultation

If a person is really good at a particular skill, that skill can be turned into money. The key to success in this business opportunity is being able to truly add value to a customer; thus, content area expertise is essential. This broad area can include athletic coaching such as personal fitness training or sport-specific training, but it can also include professional consultation services such as interior design, business plan development, business coaching, web marketing, or life coaching. If one possesses true excellence in any skill or skill set, then that expertise can be monetized through providing a service of coaching or consultation.





eBay Store

E-commerce has changed the way the world does business. eBay has made it possible for thousands of people to earn a living as eBay store owners. Although some initial capital is needed in order to purchase inventory, a person can start small. Local garage sales can even be a starting point for aspiring eBay resellers. Then, as business grows, one can venture into any market one may wish. The possibilities are great. Some resellers even import goods from overseas markets such as China and then resell them in the U.S.



Online Store

Internet Revenue Models

Similar to an eBay store, yet quite different. If one has an intense passion for a specific product or niche market, an online store may be one way to monetize that passion. An online store has many benefits versus a physical store. The overhead is much, much less, and the potential is just as powerful, if not more so. A physical location has a very limited market potential, while an online store can reach around the world. Of course, both can be a wonderful combination, but starting as an online store and then moving to a physical location upon strong growth can help build a solid foundation. There are also many online franchise opportunities available for those who want to be in business but do not have a specific market in mind.



Affiliate Marketing

This is yet another business opportunity that has really exploded as a result of the internet boom. Affiliate marketing involves the selling and marketing of a good or service for another company. The risk is much lower than starting a company since there is no inventory or actual company to start. This can be difficult at first. One of the major keys to success as an affiliate marketer is connect with a truly honest, forthright, reputable company.  >>>





Vending Machines

The idea of earning passive income from vending machines has been around for decades, but it is a tried and tested way of making money. The truth is that 1 vending machine will most likely not make a living. The key to success is to own several vending machines, and this could take several months or years depending on initial start-up capital. Although this income stream is quite passive due to the limited amount of “work” that needs to be done, the initial capital needed is higher, which means there is more risk involved.



Online Forex Trading

Prior to the internet boom, financial markets were traded by traders who called in orders over the phone to their brokers. Those days are long gone. Today, traders execute buy and sell order for stocks, commodities and currencies online without ever speaking to a broker. And this can be done from any computer with internet connection. The start-up costs to become an online trader are relatively small, but the learning curve can be extremely difficult and arduous. Trading financial markets should be viewed as a profession similar to that of an engineer, architect, or medical professional. There will be a time of intense study and learning that may span years before substantial income is earned. However, the earning potential as an online trader is unlimited. The only limit in forex exchange trading is the trader. 




Personal Assistant

The explosion of home-based businesses and contract workers over the last 10 years has caused a similar significant increase in the demand for personal assistants. As professionals leave the corporate workspace, many still have a desire for administrative assistants. A personal assistant business can be setup with virtually no overhead. Although many virtual assistant jobs have been outsourced to India, many professionals do still want the closeness and accessibility of a local assistant. The potential in this industry is great. As one’s experience and expertise grows, one could begin to take on multiple clients and even sub-contract some work out, which would in turn begin to produce passive income.



In-Home Care

The health industry is expected to grow exponentially over the next 20 years. With the Baby-Boomer generation retiring, the demand for in-home patient care is also expected to increase significantly. If one finds purpose in one-on-one relationships and serving, this business opportunity could be both very fulfilling and a viable income stream.