Technology auditing is an important stage in developing a strategy plan of technology. The objective is to evaluate how much the firm is really using technology as an instrument for technological competitiveness. The final products of technological auditing are recommendations and a photograph of the current situation of the firm related to its technological potential as an instrument in achieving its objectives.

The effective use of technological auditing depends on some requirements:

▪ top management support and participation;

▪ task force to co-ordinate the process − comprising personnel from the various company areas;

▪ appointment of a co-ordinator to apply the methodology plus assistance of a trained consultant;

▪ guarantee of the implementation of the recommendations of the technological auditing that contribute to the firm's success;

▪ repetition of the process regularly;

▪ avoidance of the use of very complex tools these can obstruct the process. A result with imperfections is preferable to an endless process that does not reach a conclusion; and
adaptation of the methodology to the specific case of each company.