Technology Auditing Survey for a High-Tech Enterprise






Agreement with the statement regarding the actual situation of the enterprise:

Low=0 (the statement does not apply to the enterprise)

High=10 (the statement mirrors the status of the enterprise)

Technology projects include engineering projects, development projects, continuous improvement of products and production processes, etc.




People, in general, will support the necessary changes that will have to be made to implement a better management of technology


Top management demands information about the  status of the main technological projects at least twice a year


Different divisions of the enterprise understand clearly the relevance of technology for competitiveness


The enterprise strategy is clearly defined


Technological activities are consistent with the enterprise's overall strategy


The technology sources utilized (internal R&D, licensing, R&D contracting, joint ventures, research consortia) are consistent with the deadlines demanded by the strategic guidelines


There is a clear identification of the strategic technological areas


There is a clear definition about the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise regarding the strategic technological areas


There is an adequate balance between short- and long-term orientation in technological projects


There is an adequate level of consensus regarding the trends of the life-cycle of the strategic technologies for the enterprise


The authority and responsibilities of the project managers are clearly defined and they are adequate to the needs of the enterprise


There is sufficient information about the status of each project regarding budgets and deadlines


The enterprise protects its intellectual property when necessary


There is an adequate evaluation system to assess the contribution of technology to the enterprise goals


There is an adequate monitoring and information system for identifying technological threats and opportunities


There is adequate integration between the several areas of the enterprise regarding innovation of products and processes


There is an adequate use of technological strategic alliances


There is adequate information about research teams in universities and research institutes developing activities related to the enterprise's strategic technologies


The R&D budget in percentage of the total sales is consistent with the expenditures of the competitors