Objectives of a Technology Audit

A technology audit is a method of investigation aiming at the technological capacity, technology needs, and technology-related procedures of a company.

Furthermore, technology audit is a method of identifying the strong and weak points through the characterization and general assessment of the company's hard and soft technologies (strategizing, business processes, management, human resource development, finance, marketing, customer relationships).




Focus Areas of a Technology Audit

A technology audit must make it possible to characterize the needs of an enterprise related to innovation from different points of view:

Technology vision and core competencies of the company, its capabilities, and its sustainable competitive advantage

▪ Corporate resources that ensure competitive and sustainable growth

▪ Core and supplementary technological assets

▪ General problems (productivity, quality, processes, environment, flexibility, customer success) that require innovative solutions

▪ Means and technology transfer such as licensing, co-innovation, joint venture, joint technology development, contract research, training, intellectual property rights, and financing

▪ Sources of technology and channels of innovation that can be tapped: in-house capabilities, trend-setting innovation centers, R&D laboratories, universities, other companies, customers, suppliers.