Purpose, Process, Precondition






The purpose of technology auditing is to increase the general awareness of the need to design a technology plan and to improve the management of technology capability of the enterprise within all divisions i.e. R&D, marketing, production, finance and general management.



Collaborative Process

It has frequently been commented that a prominent problem in technology management is the absence of communication between different corporate functions: a collaborative divisional interaction is vital. This instrument assesses general information to complement the auditing process.

Technology auditing calls for participation of both top management and staff related to technology. The process should begin with an introduction of mechanisms for identification of technology needs. This can then be followed by questionnaires, to be completed by participants through the grading of each statement from 1 (low) to 10 (high) compared to the actual situation of the enterprise. The next step requires groups of 5 or 6 to be formed, to discuss individual results and identify strengths and weaknesses.




Precondition for Formulation of a Technology Strategy

Technological auditing is an important precondition to being able to formulate a technology strategy plan. Its objective is to evaluate how efficiently the enterprise is using technology as a technological competitiveness instrument.

The final result of the technological auditing gives photography of the actual situation of the enterprise in relation to its ability to utilize its technological potential as an instrument for achieving its strategic objectives.