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Strategy Formulation

12 Essential Elements of Strategic Planning
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Assess changes in the environment  >>>

Evaluate your company's competitive position: resources, core competencies, corporate capabilities and limitations

Assess expectations of stakeholders, anyone who has an actual  or potential stake in the business, and define how the business will add value to its stakeholders

Analyze your competitors industry, domestic economy, and international economies

Formulate the corporate vision, mission statement, strategic intent, goals and policies for the master strategy  >>>

Formulate the long-range strategy programs, mid-range programs and short-run plans

Develop an industry roadmap that reflects migration patterns of the major players and analyze company, competitors, industry, and economy

Develop capacity for Change Management Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book  ‒ develop sensitivity to critical environmental changes and assess changes in the environment

Formulate internal organization performance measurements

Adjust organization, funding and other components to implement the above elements

Organize information flow and feedback system for continuous repetition of all essential elements and for adjustments and changes at each stage

Reassess constantly, review and evaluate all processes and past decisions


3 Strategies of Market Leaders Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book



Results-based Leadership


7 Key Focus Areas for Strategy Formulation

Critical Question Analysis

6 Keys To Effective Strategic Planning Meeting