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The three parts on Leadership Excellence A-to-Z/360 are:

Leadership Attributes: what leaders Are, Know, and Do

Leading change A-to-Z from vision to reality

Leading 360 all involved

  Leadership Excellence A-to-Z/360




What Leaders Are, Know, Do

What Leaders Are: character and personality, values, motives, abilities, traits, integrity, commitment, honesty, courage, imagination.

What Leaders Know: competencies (knowing yourself and others, leadership theory, professional knowledge, thought leader) and skills (people skills, leadership skills, professional skills).

What Leaders Do: habits, behaviors, styles, creating and leading change, modeling the way.



Leaders vs. Others

Leader vs. Manager

12 Leadership Roles

Leadership Attributes

What Leaders Are, Know, and Do







Leading Change A-to-Z

Why: drivers of change; threats and opportunities; strategy innovation; anticipated challenges; change-leadership wheel.

Where: vision, strategic intent, the desired future state; achieving industry leadership position; strategic direction; stretch goals.

How: strategizing; overcoming resistance and barriers to change; simulation games; strategic experimentation, learning and adaptation.


Leading Change

Leading vs. Managing Change

Leading Change by Asking Questions

Ask Learning SWOT Questions

25 Lessons from Jack Welch






Leader 360

Who: lead yourself, peers, up, and down.

What: strategic motivation; coordination, orchestration; intellectual cross-pollination and teamwork; creative collaboration.

How: creative dissatisfaction; entrepreneurial leadership; lead by example; inspire, energize; provide strategic alignment; empower, coach.


Team Leader

Project Leader

Leading Innovation

Inspirational Leadership

Motivational Leadership