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COACHING in the WORKPLACE: List of Activities

Coaching at Work: The Twin Concept

  • to help employees grow, and to enhance their learning ability and performance

  • to increase the coach's effectiveness as a leader

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Increasing Role of Coaching at Work

The new breed of leaders  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book recognizes that in today's complex business environment autocracy no longer works, yet the empowerment alone is not enough. New management model is a synergy of three roles:




According to Max Landsberg, the author of The Tao of Coaching, in the new economy driven by knowledge, new emphasis on people development and employee empowerment is driven by several powerful forces:



  • Delayering a trend toward reducing the number of management levels in organizations' hierarchies. Growing importance of cross-functional teams. Jobs and roles are no longer prescribed and static, so no longer can bosses just go on telling subordinates exactly what to do. Successful companies are now those in which people communicate freely, cross-pollinate their ideas, and learn new skills and habits from each other, and in which managers are also coaches.

  • Changes in the labor market - people are more mobile, and the most successful companies are focusing more on bringing out their employees' potential in order to retain their best performers.


  • Rapidly changing business conditions, markets and technologies - company can no longer rely on providing employees with regular off-the-job training courses. Training now had to be continuous, on-the job, and just-in-time i.e. by coaching.

Two-Way Benefits of Coaching

Coaching is a long-term strategy, but the benefits of managerial coaching are two-way:

For employees: improved performance, greater enthusiasm, and greater job satisfaction.

For managers: improved communication, motivation, delegation, employee empowerment, planning, and monitoring skills


Vadim Kotelnikov advice quotes

Be a HOSTer
Help Others Grow and Thrive!

Vadim Kotelnikov


Jack Welch advice business quotes

Coaching is an important part of the good leaders' role. Leaders must seek to develop high value in other leaders below them.

Jack Welch