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Eight Steps To Creating an Innovative Organization


Adapted from: The Leader's Guide To Lateral Thinking,
Paul Sloane


Innovation Success 360




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The key elements of creating a truly  innovative  and entrepreneurial organization can be summarized in the following eight steps:

❶  Paint an inspiring vision, strategic intent, and guiding principles

❷  Build an open, inspiring, receptive to new ideas, questioning, innovation-adept culture

❸  Empower people at all levels, give them freedom to fail


Culture of Relentless Innovation

Make relentless innovation a norm. Set stretch goals. Reduce bureaucracy and cultivate the spirit of a startup firm. Nourish relentless growth attitude. Establish a inspiring culture of creative dissatisfaction with the status quo. Train and empower entrepreneurial leaders and intrapreneurs. Establish an innovation incubator for disruptive top-line-growth projects.

Live speed.

The Jazz of Innovation

Establish a jazz-like innovation process – improvisation within a guiding structure. Practice loose-tight leadership. Inspire creativity, stimulate radical idea generation,  and suspend judgement during the "loose" phase. Review, assess, filter, select and combine ideas during the the "tight" phase. Establish a system to measure the progress.

Ideation to Implementation – Quickly!

Use inspirational ideation, creativity and brainstorming techniques to generate a large number of ideas and solutions. Use fast-assessment and idea-integration techniques to come out with most-promising inventions. Play INNOBALL entrepreneurial simulation game with most-promising inventions to prepare them for rapid implementation. Prototype promising solutions and beta-test them.

❽  Analyze results and roll out the successful projects. 


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