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Market your startup company itself before you start marketing your innovative product


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You invented a great new-to-the-world product, but you may feel at a strong competitive disadvantage due to your company's relatively small size or its newness. The marketplace has never heard of your brand-new company.


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The Need To Market Your Venture

Before you can be effective in marketing your product to targeted end-user customers, you should market the company itself. In today's overcommunicated world, being just excellent it not enough. You must also be remarkable and rememberable.

Your venture's first strategic marketing efforts should focus on potential partners because no company can succeed without support.


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Keep in mind that your radical innovation journey is not easily understood by prospective partners.

Your venture breaks rules, it is based on an outside-the-box idea, it is multi-faceted, complex and beyond imagination of most people.




You must develop a convenient, insightful, inspiring and engaging way to get your core marketing message across, accepted and acted upon in a mutually beneficial way.

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Presentation that Inspires Change

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To market your venture effectively to prospective partners, you must be a passionate visionary, smart and witty, charismatic and impactful presenter, an engaging storyteller, and an extraordinary charmer.

Figure out what sets you apart from your competition, create a great differentiating slogan and a compelling story.




Share your compelling story enthusiastically in all your business communications and sales materials. Publish it prominently on your website and at social media pages.

Tell your story with passion and a visual information map. And have a great sense of humor.



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Competitive Differentiation

It is important to determine where you stand in the highly competitive marketplace, the mindshare you desire to own, and what makes your offerings better, different, faster, cheaper, and/or more valuable than your competition.





Coaching by Example




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Advice by business legends




Estee Lauder advice

If you don't sell, it's not the product that's wrong,
it's you.

Estee Lauder


Akio Morita advice quotes Sony

There are three creativities: creativity in technology, in product planning, and in marketing. To have any one of these without the others is self defeating in business.

Akio Morita


Set Godin advice

Most organizations spend their time marketing to the crowd. Smart organizations assemble the tribe.

Set Godin


IDEO Tom Kelley creativity innovation quotes

If you leave out the emotional content, you may have the best specifications in the world but people may not buy your product.

Tom Kelley