Impactful Presenter: KoRe 10 Tips




If you want your message to hit the target, make adjustment to the wind.


PLIMAD: Plan, Imagine, Adjust

Plan your presentation focusing on benefits  the audience.  >>>

What are your objectives?  To selling a project idea? To sell a product?

What do you want to say, to whom and how?

Who is your presentation aimed at?

What would be the best content of the presentation for the given objectives and audience?

How to deliver that content?


  Focus on Emotional Drivers




You must approach your audience with confidence and curiosity. Plan an interactive opening using questions.

For instance, you can start by asking participants to write down their burning questions or to confirm the benefits that are important to them. You can format your presentation like a story with a problem and solution, tell a story to illustrate certain points, and ask listeners to guess certain facts or data. Enliven your slides with pictures of people, actions, products, or locations. Provide application opportunities.

Imagine people’s likely reactions to what you say and how you say it.

Adjust your presentation to your audience expectations and perceptions.


Sales Presentation

When making a sales presentations, don't be a seller, be a HELPER!

Emphasize benefits.

Offer solutions to customer problems.

Sales Presentation: How To Make and Sell Benefits General and Specific



   How To Market Your Venture


Your radical innovation journey is not easily understood by others. It breaks rules, is multi-faceted, and complex. You need to develop an inspiring, convenient, insightful and engaging way to get your message across.

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