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Blogging can be a sure source of income for years to come. When done right, you can achieve success no matter the kind of industry you are in. The journey to success may be tough, but there are certain tips and tricks to navigate your way up.
Don’t you envy the bloggers who quit their 8-5 jobs and are now working fulltime from home? In fact, the most successful guys have started numerous blogs to create numerous streams of income.


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Choose your blog niche

Are you an expert at a particular subject? If you have mastered your craft, share your experience online with people looking to expand their knowledge.

There are many great examples of blogging niches. Some relevant blogging ideas are professional photography, tourism, and recipe writing. Simply put, your blog should be geared toward solving people’s problems.

Whatever topic you choose, it has to be relevant for people to want to spend money on. So many people these days are interested in extreme sport and outdoor fun. This is a niche whose time has come, and bloggers are making money off it.

Write great content

You may have the phrase “content is king”. It means that great content is the key to attracting, maintaining and engaging audiences online. This phrase applies to blogging just as it does to all other aspects of digital marketing.




The information has to be relevant, interesting, accurate and thought-provoking. Use images, videos and infographics to sell your message. Strive to write and share information that is not found elsewhere in the internet, and success is yours for the taking.


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Monetise your blog

Well, this should go without saying, but we cannot emphasise it enough. Monetising your blog simply means allowing search engines to place external content in your site. This is usually advertisements for companies and brands. Google AdSense is one avenue for monetising blogs.

Pay-per-View (PpV) platforms for bloggers pay for the time visitors spend on your posts.

The service offers pay per click (ppc) advertisements where you are paid a certain amount when a person clicks on an ad. Additionally, cost per impression (cpm) advertisements pay you a certain fixed amount based on the number of people who see an advertiser’s ad on your blog.

Selling private advertisements

Apart from selling space to advertising networks, you can also work with private individuals or companies. This is especially true if your topic or niche appeals to their clientele.




Are you blogging about camping, mountain climbing and other outdoor activity? Approach dealers of backpacking equipment and accessories to advertise on your space.

Note that private companies and individuals will only advertise with you only if your blog has many active readers. As earlier mentioned, you will attract many people if your blog is highly engaging and offers thrilling information.


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Include digital products in your blog

Do not keep all your eggs in one basket. Explore the sale of digital products to increase your streams of income. EBooks are perhaps the best examples of digital products. When a visitor downloads an eBook from your site, you earn commissions from its owner.

Other examples of relevant digital products are online trainings, courses and workshops. At the same time, sell plugins, apps and themes that upgrade existing software and tools. Whatever digital tool that you sell, ensure it adds real value to the visitors of your blog.

Explore affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a separate channel of creating income altogether. You essentially approach an advertiser who has a product to sell online. They grant you a unique tracking code that helps you both know when and if a customer made a purchase using your link.




Next, the advertiser commits to giving you a small commission for each successful sale closed with a customer from your blog. When you paste the affiliate link on your blog, people will click on it to advance to the purchase page.

Promote your blog

There is no harm in spending a little amount of money if you are assured it will bring returns at the end of the month. In addition to posting your blog content on social media. Consider promoting it for just a few dollars every month.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are among the best social media sites that send users to websites and blogs. Advertise here with great ads that people cannot help but click. Monitor, tweak and re-evaluate your ROI. Ensure you are not spending too much for little returns.


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When you have gathered substantial monthly visitors to your blog, compile a database of their emails. Additionally, give them the option of subscribing to your blog’s mailing list so they can receive prompt emails when you publish something new.

Keeping your audiences continually engaged will ensure that they return again and again. More importantly, allow them to leave their comments at the end of each new blog post. Read these comments to understand your readers’ needs and set out to solve them.


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