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Modern innovation is systemic. In many cases the innovation rests not in the technology or product or service, but in the business models itself.

"Past success stories are generally not applicable to new situations. We must continually reinvent ourselves, responding to changing times with innovative new business models," says Akira Mori.


10 Driving Forces behind New Business Models

Growing Value of Systems Thinking for Business

Adaptive Company




Business model is a broad-stroke picture of how an innovative concept will create great innovative value for the ultimate user as well as economic value for the firm and its shareholders and partners.

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In the new era of unrelenting change, hyper-competition and challenging business environment where customer loyalty is fading and business models have shorter shelf life your face a daunting challenge: how to sustain the business model of your firm. No matter how successful it was so far, it will be challenged by new business models.




You must keep reinventing your business and reassess your business model periodically if you hope to survive and grow.

Ask learning SWOT questions after every significant change that happened inside or outside your company.

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Strive for competitive innovation and competitive differentiation. Invent new ways of creating customers.


Stand Out from your competition




Redesign the infrastructure required to move the product/service to the market in a manner that is both easy and convenient for customers and profitable for the firm.

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And never forget that reality doesn't stand still. Constantly reassess your past decisions and attempt to discover, create and implement new business models and dynamic strategies.

You must have a great Head of Growth who can design a new business model and vault your company to the next curve.






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