Managerial Leadership


The Pitfalls of the Leadership Attributes Models


By: Dave Ulrich, Jack Zenger, and Norm Smallwood, the authors of
Results-Based Leadership  


Though leadership attributes models, in particular the ARE-DO-KNOW approach, received enormous attention in the past, they have a number of pitfalls. In particular, they reduce leadership improvement to development of leader's attributes only. Results are not emphasized.

"Leaders exhibiting attributes without results have ideas without substance. They teach what they have not learned. They can talk a good scenario and even act on sound general principles, but they fail to deliver. These means attributes have become their end. Often popular because of their charm or charisma, they are not long remembered because their leadership depended more on who they are and how they behave than on what they accomplish."

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 Pitfalls of the Leadership Attributes Models


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